Rock Hard – Book Review

Rock Hard


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Genre: Contemporary Romance | Abuse | Sports
Series: Rock Kiss #2
Read Count: 3
Published: March 10th, 2015
Pages: 351 pages
Format: ebook
Source: General-ebooks
Average Rating: 4.07 stars
My Rating: Full On Makeout

Nalini Singh has spun a finely crafted, hot, and sassy novel featuring a sweet T-Rex, versus a sassy and shy Mouse turned Tigress. Watching this transformation was amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride that only Nalini Singh can give us! See my Kiss and Tell spotlight on this novel here: Kiss and Tell: July. See my Whoring Out fangirling on Gabriel Bishop here: Whoring Out: Gabriel Bishop.

I was perusing general-ebooks one day, just looking and I started reading this book, not even knowing what it was called, or who wrote it. After a few chapters, I started to get really into it and needed to know these things. I scrolled up, and lo and behold: it was Nalini Singh.

I knew of her from her Guild Hunter and Psy-Changeling books but hadn’t read them yet because they were still growing (unbelievably). I, however, now knew the magic she held and immediately started the Guild Hunter series after I finished this piece of heaven.

I was shocked at how good this book was. I mean, a story about a PA and the CEO? And their demons? How cliché.


I was captivated from chapter one at how skittish the Mouse (Charlotte) was, and her reactions to the T-Rex (Gabriel) and his reactions to her skittishness. But the consciousness Gabriel displayed when he drew her out of herself in a very not obvious way, and the way he withheld himself for her, and the way he presented his feelings… Ooooh…. yesss…

Although it was a very cliché trope, Singh managed to make it utterly unique. Not only was Charlotte abused by her boyfriend, but she was terrorized and tortured at his hands. The horror that she went through at his hands felt very real, and her reactions, as well, were very well written and only drew the reader in more to all that was this story.

The demons that these two have were not overdone but were very well written and were very… human. I thoroughly enjoyed this read more than I even care to admit, and I would highly recommend this non-traditional but explosive novel that nearly brought me to my knees. Hell, it did.



Guest review contributed by Book Whore. This book blogger doesn’t go anywhere without a book and doesn’t leave the library without another dozen.

2 thoughts on “Rock Hard – Book Review”

    1. Hi, @pscapp. The book is categorized under “Abuse” because the female main character withstood tremendous and terrible abuse in her past, and is a major conflict in the story–her getting over it and learning to relive her life, that is. “Sports” is also a category because “Sports” just so happens to be a major theme. The main male character used to be really huge into Rugby, and so are many of his family. Scenes take place watching Rugby games, playing rugby, discussing rugby… lots of rugby. Therefore, sports.

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