Rock Redemption – Book Review

Rock Redemption



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Genre: Adult | Abuse | Contemporary Romance | Music
Reviews: Rock Addiction | Rock Hard
Motivation: #Rainbowthon (2016)
Series: Rock Kiss #3
Read Count: 1
Published: September 18th, 2015
Pages: 403 pages
Format: Paperback
Source: My shelves 🙂
Average Rating:
My Rating: 4 Kisses

I’ve been long-awaiting the time when I could get my hands on and devour Rock Redemption… I’d read all the excerpts, teasers and was ready. Nalini Singh… you’re the best. 🙂


My Thoughts

Rock Redemption goes back to the people we met earlier, Noah St. John (Schoolboy Choir’s Guitarist) and Kit Devigny (Fox’s the band’s actor friend). What we didn’t know, was that they had a past.

Noah St. John is pretty f***ed up–with good reason. But Kit doesn’t know that. So when he purposefully shattered her heart in a way she would hate him forever, after the best, most romantic weeks of her life… he destroyed something precious in Kit. But he wagers it’s better this way than for her to hate him because of his secret.

Guys. Why do they always think this way?

Anyway, that didn’t stop Noah from loving Kit something fierce, and when a media error calls them the new “It Couple”, Noah swears he will do this one last good thing for Kit, and plays the doting boyfriend. But it’s hard on both of them, because neither knows where the acting begins…and ends. But Noah is determined to give Kit this, needs to give her this. Because he loves her, of course. Kit’s against it, because in spite of everything, she loves him, too.

Not to mention the stalker that’s resurfaced even more, now that Kit’s in a very public relationship…. uh oh. Better hop on that white horse, Noah!

Thank God! Finally, finally, finally, they agree to work out an arrangement and give it a try.

Woo hoo! I love Kit and Noah! They’re so cute together. 🙂 I love Nalini Singh’s stunning writing and her astonishing characters and this fabulous plotline that had me hooked; hook, line and sinker.

It still didn’t hit the bar set by Rock Hard (I doubt anything will, that’s one of my all-time favorite books), but it was still utterly amazing 🙂



Guest review contributed by Book Whore. This book blogger doesn’t go anywhere without a book and doesn’t leave the library without another dozen.

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