Hook’s Pan – Book Review

Hook's Pan


Hook’s Pan

(Kingdom #5)

Author: Marie Hall

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pages: 202

Genre: Romance, Adult Erotica, Fairy Tales, Retelling, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Paranormal

Review: I have to say this has been my favorite book by Marie Hall so far.

What really impressed me about this book was the intricate settings and detail to setting that was unlike any of the other books.

This book takes place in Neverland and also undersea. The story mostly takes place on a pirate ship, but even that was uniquely written.

I love the layers that Marie Hall puts into her stories, especially since they are all classical tales that we all love. This is basically Peter Pan but with an awesome bad boy twist! The only reason I gave this 4 stars was because of how rushed the romance was, although it did work with the story.

Peter Pan has always been a favorite of mine and I’ve been rethinking the whole story since Once Upon A Time did their own version of the tale. The entire time I was reading this I was imagining the show’s version of Captain Hook (which was not a bad thing at all since that man is gorgeous)!

I also loved how Captain Hook was the “good” guy (minus his drinking, being a pirate, and being overly confident) and Peter Pan was the “bad” guy. This one is definitely worth a read for anyone who is interested in this genre. I would recommend only reading this one if you are unsure if you like this genre or type of book.

You can find Hook’s Pan here.



Guest review contributed by Mad Tea Party Book Reviews. The one thing this blogger likes more than Alice in Wonderland is reviewing books. Her favorite type is YA but branches out to several other markets/genres.

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