Undecided – Book Review



Name: Undecided
Author: Julianna Keyes
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Rating: 4.5/5

You know how contemporary romances have a bunch of drama? Misunderstandings, eavesdropping, people finding out things not meant for them, PREGNANCY?

This book has none of that! And it still manages to be an extremely cute NA contemporary. “What?!” I hear you scream. “There are new adult books where the characters aren’t complete idiots??” Yes! This book has restored my faith in new adult.

Undecided is about a girl named Nora who’s in her second year of college. She slacked off a lot in her first year and so decides that she wants to be more studious to keep her scholarship. She moves in with someone she believed to be a dorky nerd type, what she was aspiring to be like, but ended up being the campus’s most notorious guy, known for his epic partying abilities.

What makes this arrangement more awkward is the fact that Nora has a slight crush on him and may have happened to sleep with him at some point in the previous year…

This book was so fun. I was expecting it to be a typical roommate love story which you can find in abundance on Wattpad, but surprisingly, this was nothing like that. While romance is a dominant theme in the storyline, the love interest isn’t the roommate, but his best friend. I really like how the romance was paced – there was no instalove/lust or any of the usual NA/YA book tropes. At one point, I thought there was going to be a ridiculous love triangle but (thank God!) I was mistaken.

I’m already calming down and starting to feel a little embarrassed by my reaction. “Maybe I overreacted,” I mutter.

SHE ACCEPTS OVERREACTION. SHE IS HUMAN NOT BELLA SWAN. *party* (not that I have anything against Bella Swan. Please don’t kill me, Twilight fans)

This is an extremely realistic story. I’ve heard that all of Keyes’s books have realistic characters, I will definitely be reading more by her. I imagine there are a lot of people who try to make up for bad grades in their second years. This is a book where characters bother to study?! A big problem I have with YA/NA is that none of them ever study or read but somehow manage to pass. No one is that intelligent. The characters here care about their futures and spend copious amounts of time toiling over chemistry.

Something I enjoyed thoroughly in the book is the friendship. Nora decides to drop her best friend in order to be more focused and to party less. I love how their friendship was resolved and reborn. I loved the arc about Nora’s best friend, it really added something extra to the story.

Usually, it seems like the entire world revolves around the protagonist and the other side characters have no semblance of a life. This book ensures that we see that all the characters have lives, outside being side characters to the protagonist.

It was really interesting to see how Nora managed to maintain her scholarship, restore her friendships and not be a total fail like she had been in her previous year. She grows and learns a lot throughout the year.

The lack of drama in this book is too good to be true. Even when one of Nora’s big secrets is revealed, the resolution all the characters have is amazing. I love love loved it! There are so many things that make this book so very special and unique and different from other books.

Despite my gushing over this book, I didn’t give it a full five star rating because the writing of the story, though excellently paced with hilarious dialogue, is a bit off at some points. There were just little things, here and there, which could have been smoothed out.

I still think this is an absolutely fantastic read, one of the best contemporaries I’ve ever read and definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year. Highly recommend this to everyone. If you’re skeptical about this story because of the cover or title, DON’T BE. Please pick this up, you will not regret it!

I was sent a review copy of this book by NetGalley. In no way did that affect this review.

You can find Undecided here.



Guest review contributed by Confessions of a Bibliophile. This blogger is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and has been blogging since the 5th grade. In her bio she has recently quit quitting.

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