Lover Unleashed – Book Review

Lover Unleashed


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Genre: Adult | Urban Fantasy | Paranormal | Erotic Romance
Black Dagger Brotherhood #9
Dark Lover | Lover Eternal | Lover Awakened | Lover Revealed | Lover Unbound | Lover Enshrined | Lover Avenged | Lover Mine
Read Count: 1
November 1st, 2011
537 pages
My shelves : )
Average Rating:
4.28 stars
My Rating: 5 Kisses

Lover Unleashed certainly did not disappoint! I’ve been in awe of JR Ward’s writing ability since I read Dark Lover, and here I am, nine books later, where my awe and respect has increased tenfold.

Each book that I read leaves me more impressed than the last… but beware of a frightening side effect. Addiction. I can’t get rid of these books! I am wholly consumed and addicted to them…and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. : )


My Thoughts:

We first met Payne a few books ago, blooded sister of Vishous and daughter to the Scribe Virgin and the Bloodletter. Struggling to find her way out of her prison, after centuries of nothing but sleep, Payne is dismayed that her only doorway was through serious and nearly fatal injury.

But that despair quickly fades when she lays eyes on the gorgeous muggle human male that will be healing her. Soon, she finds that the repercussions of her injury may not be a drawback… but just another obstacle. I loved how Payne was a tough badass, but still manages to be an innocent female…just one who has amazing killing ability. 

The struggle that she went through his her debilitating injury was very realistic and I cried on many occasions. But, JR Ward’s fantastic writing ability shone during these scenes of such vulnerability, and it was … totally just JR Ward. Amazing.

Vishous’s struggle with Payne was hard to read. It brought up feelings of helplessness, a regression of personality and highlighted a concerning aspect to his and Jane’s relationship. Returning to Vishous and Jane was really awesome, and to see a further progression of their relationship solidified what the ending of Lover Unbound should have been.

And the bromance relationship between Butch and Vishous has finally reached its climax of brotherly love xxxx Yay! That scene was… greeeeaat : )

We also got even more insight to Blay and Qhuinn’s “relationship” : ) They’re my most anticipated couple right now, and I can’t wait until I get to Lover At Last, and FINALLY see them work their s**t out. Layla, though nice, needs to get out of the picture.

We met Manny Manello in Lover Unbound, because he was Jane’s boss, and seeing their relationship (as friends) was pretty dang cool. And him and Butch? *secretive smile*. The only real issue I had with this book, was we did the whole vamp-female&human-male thing in Lover Revealed  with Butch and Marissa, and the divide between human and vampire was so extensive with them, and it wasn’t a real issue to the characters this book, which didn’t really strike with me.

Especially because Marissa was very–well, not a badass and Butch still worried about him being weaker than her, and with Payne actually being a badass, shouldn’t it strike Manny, too? Hmmm, maybe that’s a problem solved in later books. But all in all, it was great to get back in the saddle with the characters, and now I’m waiting expectantly for Lover Reborn to arrive! Come on Barnes and Noble…



Guest review contributed by Book Whore. This book blogger doesn’t go anywhere without a book and doesn’t leave the library without another dozen.

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