The Visions of Ransom Lake – Book Review

The Visions of Ransom Lake


The Visions of Ransom Lake
by Marcia Lynn McClureYouthful beauty, naïve innocence, a romantic imagination thirsting for adventure…an apt description of Vaden Valmont, who would soon find the adventure and mystery she had always longed to experience…in the form of a man.

A somber recluse, Ransom Lake descended from his solitary concealment in the mountains, wholly disinterested in people and their trivial affairs. And somehow, young Vaden managed to be ever in his way…either by accident or because of her own unique ability to stumble into a quandary. Yet the enigmatic Ransom Lake would involuntarily become Vaden’s unwitting tutor. Through him, she would experience joy and passion the like even Vaden had never imagined.

Yes, Vaden Valmont stepped innocently, yet irrevocably, into love with the secretive, seemingly callous man. But there were other life’s lessons Ransom Lake would inadvertently bring to her as well. The darker side of life…despair, guilt, heartache. Would Ransom Lake be the means of Vaden’s dreams come true? Or the cause of her complete desolation?


My Review:

I’ve been a long time fan of Marcia Lynn McClure’s books, her earliest books being some of my favorites, and I’ve read this one several times.  Marcia has this amazing ability to write passionate scenes while maintaining a clean and moral standard in her books. Her kissing scenes would ignite anyone’s flame and is something I’ve actually studied in order to understand just how she manages to convey such emotion and evoke the same emotion from her readers.

The Visions of Ransom Lake has an absolutely winning lead character. Vaden is just too likable for her own good due to her boundless curiosity and her ability to get herself into some of the most awkward, embarrassing, and entertaining situations I’ve ever had the pleasure to laugh out loud about. Her compassionate heart and tender emotions add a complex layer, furthering her development and solidifying her as a protagonist you long to cheer for.

Ransom is a mysterious, tortured soul whose development is just as steady and satisfying as Vaden’s. His seriousness is counterbalanced by his lighthearted reaction to Vaden’s antics. It is clear that there is something in his past that prevents him from moving forward with the feelings he has for the young lady, which makes the plot and the characters difficult to separate yourself from.

The love that grows between them is rife with passion, tension and dangerous obstacles that threaten Vaden’s life and the love they have for one another.

Marcia’s prose are descriptive and poetic, and sometimes take me back to earlier pieces of classical literature that I studied in high school and college. I’m always excited to read her western and historical romances and this book tops the list.

If you’ve never heard of Marcia Lynn McClure-AKA: The Queen of Kissing-or her wonderful books, then this is the book I recommend you start with. The Visions of Ransom Lake will satisfy even the most jaded of romance readers.

I gave it five cherry blossoms!



Guest review contributed by Author C.J. Anaya. As a blog tour host for multiple websites, C.J. enjoys giving exposure to as many traditional and indie authors as she can in an uplifting atmosphere free of erotica and heavy language.

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