Some Like it Ruthless – Book Review

Some Like it Ruthless



A woman as cold as Texas is hot; a man who has never belonged. Two hard people who will never bend, never yield… but they just might be able to make a deal. Margaret Caldwell knows what it means to beg. She’s been there, done that–won’t wear the t-shirt.

And, in fact, won’t beg again–no matter how desperately her family business needs help. Because she knows what it means to be betrayed. Knows how it feels to have her still-beating heart ripped out of her chest, leaving only an empty hole behind. The son of a ruthless upstart, Cole Montgomery trampled on everyone and everything on his way to the top. Including his one and only friend.

He knows Maggie will never forgive, never forget, but he’ll help her anyway. Because it might be a few years too late but Cole has finally figured out what’s important. Now if only he can figure out how to start over…

Genre: Contemporary Romance



You will love Maggie and Cole. They are stubborn, delightful, and hilarious.

Margaret Caldwell won’t give Cole Montgomery a second chance. Isn’t sure he even deserves a second glance. When she leaves him to his fate, she hopes he falls flat and when you find out what he did so might you. Problem is six years later she is the one facing bankruptcy and the only person she can turn to is the same man she didn’t help. Cole Montgomery is her devil and she is going to have to make a deal with him. The question is what the repercussions of that deal are going to be.

I spent this entire book laughing. Honestly the plot became almost secondary because they characters were just so darn hilarious. In this contemporary romance Megan Bryce delivered. It is a little long to read in one sitting, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try! You will laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely enjoy this read either way.

This is for adults only because it does contain some steaming page turners (sex scenes) and there is some language but most of it perfectly fits the moment and usually elicits a laugh! For what I expected this is exactly what I thought it would be but funnier. There are also very few grammatical or spelling errors making it very easy to read.

She also has other titles under her Temporary Engagement Collection and historical romances that are part of her Reluctant Bride Collection.  She usually keeps one or more of these up for everyone to read but she has a new book coming out (she announced it to her followers on Wattpad yesterday) and Some Like it Ruthless won’t be around much longer.

Final Review: 9.5/10

You can find Some Like it Ruthless here.



Guest review contributed by Creating Worlds with Words. This blogger offers book reviews as well as chapter critique exchanges. Occasionally, portions of her writing appear in the feed.

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