The Amish Firefighter – Book Review

The Amish Firefighter


A Beautiful Young Woman Banished from Home.

Abigail Stutzman thought it was bad enough being dropped at the nearest bus station and sent to live several states away with some relatives she’d never even heard of, much less met. But now, just a week after her arrival in Jamesport, Missouri, she finds herself at the scene of a barn fire. An intentional barn fire. And all fingers are pointed at her. She’s desperate to prove her innocence and protect her reputation, but nobody’s making that easy to do. And God certainly doesn’t seem willing to help.

A Brave Firefighter with an Agenda of His Own.

Sam Miller is in the process of turning over a new leaf. Determined to atone for the follies of his past, he is a volunteer firefighter, an EMT, and a doctor-in-training. With suspicious barn fires escalating, and the Miller family being among the victims, no one is more determined to see the perpetrators brought to justice than Sam.

A Kindled Flame Neither One Could Have Anticipated.

When their paths first cross at the site of a barn burning, the emotional intensity rivals the warmth of the flames. Soon, they must decide whether this fire is one they should feed or fight. And they’ll discover that the truth can prove more dangerous than a blazing inferno.

SERIES: New Beginnings in Jamesport #1
GENRE: Amish fiction, Contemporary Romance, Christian fiction
PUBLISHER: Whitaker House
RELEASE DATE: May 3, 2016
PAGES: 244


My Thoughts:

“Ach, feuerzeug. If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burnt.”

How have I not read anything by Laura V. Hilton before now? More importantly, WHY have I not read anything by Laura V. Hilton before now? The Amish Firefighter is full of heat, and I’m not just talking about all the barn fires being set in Jamesport. No, I mean the kind of heat that gets books on the next KissingBooks 101 posts!

“Because.” Sam swallowed. “…I’m upset, and I might say and do things I don’t mean to. Like kiss you senseless.”

Along with the heat, there is the kind of subtle humor that I love. It doesn’t distract from the romantic chemistry or the meaningful faith threads of the story, though. Instead, the bits of humor shore up each of these elements, provide some comic relief from the tension (both the chemistry-induced kind and the angsty kind), and make The Amish Firefighter a very well-rounded story.

A couple of different mysteries run parallel to the characters in The Amish Firefighter as well.  Who is setting all the barn fires? Why are they trying to frame Abigail? And possibly most pivotal to the story – why did Abigail’s family send her away so suddenly? It seems that everyone knows more about this than Abigail does, though nobody will explain it to her. It could be the key to the first two questions, certainly the key to Abigail finding peace with her new community and the possibility of a future with Sammy.

But perhaps the most important element to The Amish Firefighter is its message: the exquisite, unfaltering grace of God. Sammy’s heart has been changed by this grace and while he and God are still polishing out some of his rougher edges, the book is full of his tender, personal prayers erupting naturally from this soul who has tasted redemption.

God is not some faraway, distant teacher in The Amish Firefighter; rather, He is living and active and extends healing and mercy and love. Yes, Sammy also faces the consequences of some of his less than admirable past choices. Yes, Abigail suffers from the less than admirable choices that people around her have made.  But, while sin is not overlooked in The Amish Firefighter, it is enveloped in that exquisite, unfaltering grace that I mentioned a few sentences ago. This aspect to the novel is integrated naturally into the story and written beautifully.

Bottom Line: Mysteries, humor, romance, and faith – The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton has it all! Characters from her previous books return as the framework for this new series, so longtime fans will see several familiar faces on these pages. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to going back and meeting these characters for the first time as Laura Hilton is now on my list of go-to authors. This is a great read, with elements to appeal to a variety of readers as well as a touching & meaningful message of faith that will linger in your heart.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review.)

My Rating: 4 stars / Loved it!

KissingBook Level: 4 / Keep that fan and fainting couch close by!!

You can find The Amish Firefighter here.



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