Meant to Be – Book Review

Meant to Be


Meant to Be #1



Single mother.

Laid off factory worker.

Drug runner for the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club.



Loyal brother.

Grease monkey mechanic.

Vice President of the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club.




Google Play:






I felt like this story needed to be read because it basically sets the stage for the next book in the series.

But Liam and Denise do deserve their happily ever after. They were perfect for each other. I loved how Liam was with Denise’s children.

The POV does change between people within the story, not always Liam or Denise. So pay attention because it will catch you off guard for a minute.

Sweet, sexy and a little violent…but it wouldn’t be a good MC romance otherwise!

Rating: 4/5 Hearts



Guest review contributed by Hot Kindle Reads. This blog is dedicated to all that sizzles, particularly contemporary and erotic romance. These reviews might make the edges of your chocolate melt. She keeps an eye out for new authors but also popular releases.

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