Not Second Best – Book Review

Not Second Best



As a lawyer at Touchstone management, Tessa’s position brings her up close and personal to some of the world’s biggest heartthrobs. Sometimes that intimacy crosses professional lines, which is understandable considering Tessa’s impressive contact list. But when rock star Brian Ellis set her aside for the girl of his dreams, Tessa can’t help wonder if “spinster aunt” is her true vocation. Which explains her hook-up with rising star Brett Cherney at Brian’s celebrity wedding . . .

As the lead singer of BroRide, Brett has lived the rock-n-roll bad-boy lifestyle to the very hilt. But when the girl of his dreams marries fellow rocker Brian Ellis, he buries his disappointment in the arms of an older woman. The following morning, Brett realizes what he experienced was only the beginning of a song he’s been trying to write all his life. It’s a seductive theme, which Tessa falls for again and again, but getting her to believe they have a hit is turning out to be far from a sure thing . . .



There was an interesting stream of characters that you get introduced to rather quickly. Despite this being book 5, the author takes the time to introduce you to them with just enough backstory to fill in the pieces. Enter Tessa and Brett. Tessa is a focused career woman who is just realizing she isn’t as young as she used to be. Brett is a twenty something who isn’t happy with the regular women who fling themselves at him. When each needs comfort they find it in each other’s arms…only Brett isn’t prepared for it end.

The other cast of characters seemed to be merely a backdrop to Tessa getting her happiness. I imagine books 1-4 covered the ‘happy couples’ in this book. Tessa is serious but she can’t resist Brett’s boyish charm. He is a bit of an idiot at times but his heart is in the right place…most of the time.



It’s a romance. If you expect an army of a unique plot you are so in the wrong genre. Just like with most romances this book is tried and true with a twist. It was a little refreshing to have a book where a younger man goes gaga for an older woman. Like more than a decade age gap. Not to mention the music bit was interesting as well.



The characters were great! The plot was reliable. This is for sure something you’ll want to read when you are looking for that mindless romance to reset your batteries. It was perfect release after the fantasy and sci-fi’s I’ve been reading lately. It is always good to recharge!



4 Stars

Why not 5 you ask? Simple, the ending. It wasn’t an ending. The author did a wonderful job on the characters, at having a romance with a decent plot, and then just ends it. I was so dissatisfied with the ending that I almost knocked 2 stars off right there. However, it wasn’t meant to be a Hemingway or Fitzgerald. It was a romance and in the end, pun not intended, I liked it.

You can find Not Second Best here.



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