To Tame the Wind – Book Review

To Tame the Wind


“A sea adventure like no other, a riveting romance!” – SHIRLEE BUSBEE, NY Times Bestselling author


All Claire Donet knew was the world inside the convent walls in Saint-Denis. She had no idea her beloved papa was a pirate. But when he seized Simon Powell’s schooner, the English privateer decided to take the thing his enemy held most dear…her.


The waters between France and England roil with the clashes of Claire’s father and her captor as the last year of the American Revolution rages on the sea, spies lurk in Paris and Claire’s passion for the English captain rises.


My Review:

To Tame The Wind is a delightful historical romance set against the backdrop of a warring France and England, while The American Revolution comes to its eventual conclusion. Regan Walker develops an intriguing love story amidst rough seamen, handsome privateers, and dangerous pirates. Our journey begins with a delicious kidnapping when Privateer Simon Powell takes the beautiful Claire Donet as his captive, holding her ransom on his ship in exchange for his crew and schooner which was stolen by none other than Claire’s father, Jean Donet, a French pirate.

Walker did a beautiful job in the opening of this book, pulling the reader in with a little intrigue as Claire sneaks out of a convent to see a Masquerade. This choice leads to unhappy consequences which becomes the heart of her own internal conflicts. Powell’s personal struggles involve a scandal surrounding his parentage and the need to feel loved and accepted despite his unorthodox entry into society. Both strong-willed and stubborn individuals, Claire and Simon tend to butt heads in the most delicious ways imaginable. This captive scenario is so clever, because it puts them at odds with one another, but that chemistry and underlying tension can’t be denied. It’s that tension that keeps you turning page after page to see what will develop next between Simon and Claire.

There was one scene in here that was a bit risqué. Other than that the book is very clean. Heads up for those of you considering allowing your teenage daughters to read it.

Wonderful historical facts are sprinkled in giving the plot depth and texture without bogging down the story. The descriptions of the countryside are simple, effectively pulling you into the beauty that Walker must have seen for herself. I thought To Tame The Wind was beautifully written, a real swashbuckling adventure that will leave you feeling anxious to delve into more of Walker’s heartwarming romances.

I gave it five cherry blossoms!

You can find To Tame the Wind here.




Guest review contributed by Author C.J. Anaya. As a blog tour host for multiple websites, C.J. enjoys giving exposure to as many traditional and indie authors as she can in an uplifting atmosphere free of erotica and heavy language.

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