Summer at Rose Island – Book Reviews



Release date: 13th May 2016
Publisher: Bookouture
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

Fall in love with the gorgeous seaside town of White Cliff Bay this summer and enjoy long sunny days, beautiful beaches and… a little romance.  Darcy Davenport is ready for a fresh start. Determined to leave a string of disastrous jobs and relationships behind her, she can’t wait to explore White Cliff Bay and meet the locals. When Darcy swims in the crystal clear waters of the bay, she discovers the charming Rose Island Lighthouse. But it’s not just the beautiful building that she finds so intriguing…Riley Eddison doesn’t want change. Desperate to escape the memories of his past, he lives a life of solitude in the lighthouse.

Yet he can’t help but notice the gorgeous woman who swims out to his island one day. Darcy is drawn to the mysterious and sexy Riley, but when it seems the town is trying to demolish his home, she soon finds herself having to pick sides. She’s fallen in love with White Cliff Bay. But is that all Darcy’s fallen for?

The Review

What a way to end my summer reading TBR list with this amazingly awesome summer romance.

I simply love the way Holly Martin tells her stories and of course it felt good to be back in White Cliff Bay.

The story is about Darcy, after a string of bad jobs and relationships, she decides to pack up and move to White Cliff Bay for a fresh start.

Everyone seems friendly and helpful until she swims out to Rose Island and meets Riley. She just can’t seem to understand why he always seems to be shouting at her whenever they meet.

Riley moved to Rose Island to escape his past. He doesn’t want anything from the community in the town even though they are trying to help save his family’s legacy.

Thought Darcy and Riley seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot, they both can’t deny the feelings between them. And also Darcy hopes to that her new job can help save the lovely lighthouse or will it?


What did I like? I really loved this book. It felt good visiting White Cliff bay again with all the lovely people. The plot for the story was really good, I really didn’t think it would end in that way so for me that was a plus.

The characters were awesome, although I would be irked if everyone knew my business the way they did.

Darcy was just soo funny. I liked her spunk and determination. All she wanted was for someone to love her despite her shortcoming and her parents couldn’t even do that. I felt for her when she started her new job, I would have struggled too with the same decisions and I think she handled it quite well.

Riley was the best for me, Mr cowboy! He was quite intense, but I did enjoy the lighter side of him especially when he was being introduced to the English traditions.

Libby and George were also great and funny, gosh I need neighbors like those. Darcy’s parents were just so annoying and horrible, how can someone treat their own flesh and blood like that? I think one of my favorite parts was when Riley met them.(I won’t give any spoilers!)

Overall a fantastic summer read that made me smile from beginning to end!

You can find Summer at Rose Island here.




Guest review contributed by The Angel’s Pearl. Her passion is coffee, photography, reading, and book reviews.

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