Red and Her Wolf – Book Review



Author: Marie Hall

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pages: 200

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Fairy Tales, Retellings, Werewolves, Paranormal Romance

Review: I’m continuing with my binge reading of this series and I have not been disappointed!

This is a retelling on the classic Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf tale.

This book went into more detail about the fairy realm that it takes place in and also brings back Alice and the Mad Hatter from the first installment of the series.

The romance in this book felt a little premature, but it was only 200 pages so it is not like something could really develop over a series of chapters that seemed realistic. It is a very short read and took me only two hours the other day. It is enjoyable, but not as good as the first two books of the series.

The Big Bad Wolf’s name is Ewan and Red Riding Hood’s name is Violet (which was strange to me). Some of the grammar and language was really different to understand since Ewan had a different dialect, but it was manageable to figure out after the first couple of chapters.

I would recommend this one but not as much as the other two. It was still an interesting and unique read.

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Guest review contributed by Guest review contributed by Mad Tea Party Book Reviews. The one thing this blogger likes more than Alice in Wonderland is reviewing books. Her favorite type is YA but branches out to several other markets/genres.

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