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So, I’m finally getting back into the joy of reading again and I’m excited that today I have a new book review for y’all!!!


Synopsis from Amazon 

I, Cassandra Straight, have loved Reed Shamrock to distraction since I was a teenager. I even watched him fall in love with someone else and almost get married.

A year ago, when he walked into his house and found his fiance’s face in his best friend’s crotch, his life changed forever and it hasn’t been the same since.

On his first night out since the horrible incident, we run into the ex-skank. Seeing the devastation in his eyes, I made a promise that I would help him get over her. I told him that a pretend relationship between us would work. It would help him move on.

I didn’t count on my heart or his getting in the way. And I sure as hell didn’t count on not being able to tell when pretend turned to reality. When it all implodes, the only thing left is the truth.

Sometimes though, the truth? It hides and we have to dig deep to find it. To make it come to the surface, we have to give it a little talking to. We have to give it a little Sass.



You get a lot of the story from the synopsis above. This books is about Cassandra “Sass” and her brother’s best friend, Reed Shamrock. Each chapter goes back and forth between Reed’s perspective and Sass’s perspective. Basically, Reed has had his heart shattered when he comes home early from work and finds his fiancee, Lacey, in a rather compromising position with his other best friend, Taylor. Moral of the story: You never know what you are going to find at home when you come home unexpectedly.

The book then fast forwards to one  year later and Reed, Sass, and her brother, Justin, are at the bar and they run into “good riddance” aka Lacey and Taylor, who are know a couple. Sass comes up with a plan to pretend that she and Reed are now a couple to make Lacey jealous. Reed, slowly getting over the humiliation of his heartbreak, goes along with it.

Sass’s brother, Justin, knows this isn’t going to end well for his sister and isn’t very supportive of this game that Sass and Reed are playing, but let the games begin between Reed and Sass. Reed and Sass start “dating” but things start to change when Reed realizes that Sass isn’t his best friend’s little sister anymore and the sparks starts to fly between Sass and Reed, but is it real?

When you start a relationship on a lie, you question everything. Is Reed really falling for Sass?  Does Sass figure out Reed really isn’t the man of her dreams? Will good riddance ruin any chance for Sass and Reed? You will have to read the book.

I give this book three out of four “parking lots”. (See rating system here). I will say that I did read the book in one night.

Sass can be purchased at Amazon here.





Guest review contributed by Booklover Circumspect4. This blogger has been reading books since The Boxcar Children and The Babysitter’s Club and has since picked up the fine art of reviewing


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