Quanta – Book Review




Release Date: 13th October 2015
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5



Just because Quanta can see the future doesn’t mean she can change it. She’s spent most of her life imprisoned, feeding her captors information to keep herself alive, but she’s finally reached the endgame and her death creeps closer by the moment.

The son of two senators, Altair Orpheus leads a life of privilege that provides the perfect cover for his side job: working with the rebel Shadow Ravens to undermine the ruling Seligo government.

Everything is running like clockwork until he crosses paths with Quanta. As he watches her deftly maneuver through life in a perverse prison, his plastic heart melts. A jailbreak would be suicide, but Tair is willing to sacrifice everything to give her a chance at happiness.

Now Quanta senses a terrifying new future brewing. She and Tair are bound together, but every image of them kissing, snuggling, and acting knee-weakeningly happy is balanced by a much darker possibility. They’ll be picture perfect together, but only until time rips them apart. How can she follow her heart when she’s seen how their love plays out?


The Review

So this review has been a long time coming. I just want to apologise to the author and the Ink monster crew for taking so long to actually read this awesome book.

Right, where do I start?

Quanta is a Red helix with clairvoyant powers currently held prisoner by the seligo. The all too famous Dr. Nagi uses her powers to locate other Red helix subjects and also if he gets lucky the shadow ravens.

Altair Orpheus is a broody scientist and the son of a powerful senator who will stop at nothing to get into Dr. Nagi’s research in order to save of red helix subjects for the shadow ravens.

Just when he thinks he struck gold and gets accepted into the research, he meets Quanta. Tair, is drawn to Quanta in ways he can’t understand and Quanta can’t see much of the future past Altair. But its up to them to find a way out of the seligo that does not end in death.

What did I think? Well, I really don’t know why it took me so long to read this book. Three word’s “I Loved it!”

This is my first Lola Dodge book and I think I love her already.
First off, I really liked Quanta as the lead. She was just perfect, not whiney or naive. I liked her determination and fighting spirit, even when it seemed the odds were stacked against her she just kept fighting. Tair!!! wow, I think I’m in love with him *swoon*. Now he was just superbly awesome especially towards the end ( I won’t give spoilers)

Darren (Yuk!) I didn’t like him one bit, he just seemed greasy and smelly (for lack of a better word)

I enjoyed the pace of the story and the plot, and I keen to see where the Shadow ravens story is heading, at the moment only Cipher and Quanta seem to be the focus, I am keen to see the bigger picture and how they plan to take out the seligo.





Guest review contributed by The Angel’s Pearl. Her passion is coffee, photography, reading, and book reviews.

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