I Was a Bitch – Book Review



My rating : 3 out of 5 stars
Paperback, 508 pages
Published October 7th 2016
Genre:YA Romace
I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

About this book:

What if you woke up having forgotten the last two years of your life?After a horrific accident Lacey Jones has to try piece together her shattered past. With no memory of the previous two years she finds herself in a relationship with a man she doesn’t know, and with a reputation for being the Queen Bitch of High-School.


She decides to keep the secret of her memory loss until she can figure out what happened in these two years she lost, trusting only the mysterious and sexy Finn to help her, but will she continue being that bitch or will she decide to rewrite her story?


My Review:

Lacey was a bitch. But two months in coma, two years of missing memory changes a lot of things except that she still acts like a bitch. To keep up appearances, to make sure no one suspects there’s something wrong with her, I don’t care about the reasons. I just didn’t like her character. And if her hidden inner cute self was supposed to make me relate to her, it didn’t. It just infuriated me more that she was such a two-faced bitch.

No matter the reason.
Now to the other characters, Melissa and Claire, the same two minions of queen bitch like in every high school chick lit book or movie. One who admires the girl and wants to be her second for the rest of her high school life, and other who is secretly jealous and wants to take her place. (I’ll let you figure out who is who).
And any such book is incomplete without a love triangle right?

Two incredibly hot model-like boys (as the author describes again and again) both in love with the same girl. Except that one of them is a jerk and Lacey’s boyfriend and other incredibly sweet one might just be her gay best friend. Perks of losing her memory. She doesn’t have to chose yet. She lets the pieces fall where they may.

Now for the writing style, the fangirl in me loved the movies and song references. But Kisses and Lace drooling after the hot boys every 2 pages, well it got irritating after a while. Okay I got it he has a cute butt! Stop thinking and saying that AGAIN AND AGAIN.
I didn’t wish for a happy ending on this one. I really didn’t. But that’s what happened.

So 1 star for Finn (Because I loved him), 2nd star for how cute Zoey and Lacey were together! And the last star because even though the story was a little cliche and way too long, I didn’t even think to stop reading. So that’s some magic you got there Miss Ruben.





Guest review contributed by Alextheshadowgirl’s Blog. Using gifs and memes to bring humor to her reviews, she expands her reading to many different genres. She strives to make her reviews simple and clear and doesn’t mind if you call her a nerd.

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