Being Brooke – Book Review



Being Brooke by Emma Hart

Being Brooke is a hysterically funny, steamy romance with a heroine
who is the definition of hot mess and a hero who loves her anyway.

Emma Hart is brilliant.  There is just no other way to put it.  She
creates characters who are engaging, lovable and fun.  Then, she spins an entertaining yarn, taking familiar tropes and making them into something so much more.  Being Brooke is no exception and quite possibly my favorite of Hart’s books.

Hart writes another snark-filled, romantic funfest that will have you
laughing out loud, swooning and cheering for even the tiniest baby
steps Brooke and Cain take in the right direction!

This book will appeal to any romance reader.




Guest review contributed by QueSarasera Book Reviews. This blog features honest reviews with social platform cross-promotion.  It’s also an active participant in blog tours as a tour host, cover reveals, and book blitzes.

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