A Walk in the Rain – Book Review



A Walk in the Rain: A journey of love and redemption by Udai Yadla

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Sort-of Thriller

My Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Paperback, 240 pages
Published by Kyron Publications

About this Book:

Love is elixir that keeps you alive. Love is poison that kills you. Unreciprocated love keeps you alive but kills every day.

Heartbroken Sunny lives a reclusive life, trapped in the past, living in his memories. He has no complaints about his life but refuses to embrace the present.

Saloni is a prostitute who is desperate to earn money by any means. She does not care about exploiting others to fulfill her purpose.
Fate unites the loner and the prostitute to embark on a life changing journey of retribution and self discovery.

Lovelorn Sunny turns misogynistic after Sandy, the only girl he loved walks away from his life, unannounced. He suffers painful solitude for almost two decades with the relentless haunting of her thoughts. A distressed friend Imran, vows to change his life forever. A surprise planned for his birthday turns into a tragedy that claims the life of his dear friend, triggering a series of unbelievable events.

As Imran gets killed by a stranger, Sunny’s calm life suddenly turns into a turbulent storm. With nothing left to live for, vengeance becomes his ultimate mission. His reluctant alliance with a prostitute to trace the killer sets him onto a nerve racking adventure of life and death. Both are bound to a common goal with different motives but destiny has its own motive. A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions, driven by hair raising twists and turns.


My Review:

The book cover is pretty simple yet beautiful. The story however, is kinda like a movie. The guy-girl romance, get separated and the friends, villains and of course fights. So not much of a surprise there. I have to say this first so none of you take it in the wrong way. I liked this book. I flew through the pages, one after the other. I stayed up till 2 am reading until I finished it.

The characters were realistic, likable. Sunny, the shy kid finds a friend in Sandy the bubbly girl. The cute friendship and how the bond strengthens, I loved reading about that. Some of the sad and painful parts were just written so realistically, I guess that’s what makes someone a good author. Portraying those emotions using words.

Ever since the prologue, I was impressed by the author’s chain of thought. I was impressed with the writing style and sometimes, it was the only thing that kept me reading. The way new characters are introduced, with their own back story and even a present continuation in case of some characters, it was fun. The plot however I have to say was predictable. (Maybe it’s just me. I mean come on, I predicted The wasp factory. I’ve got a good instinct with this stuff.)

Still there were some surprising elements, and I was intrigued to keep reading about these characters that I connected with pretty easily.

Here’s a quote I liked :

“It’s not the person who is good or bad, it’s the side we rub of them.”

A walk in the Rain is a contemporary romance that readers like me would enjoy reading especially in a perfect setting. (When it’s raining outside, and you’ve got coffee.)




Guest review contributed by Alextheshadowgirl’s Blog. Using gifs and memes to bring humor to her reviews, she expands her reading to many different genres. She strives to make her reviews simple and clear and doesn’t mind if you call her a nerd.

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