Clean Break – Book Review



Clean Break by Abby Vegas

The title and description of this book didn’t give me a strong idea of
the story line to come. Sometimes, I prefer this as I can be
pleasantly surprised. Lane has been through some very tough times, and is looking for a ‘Clean Break’. (I wonder if this title is a play on Lane’s fresh start and what happens at the end of the book?)

The two main characters in this book Lane and Viktor come together coincidentally as Lane finds somewhere to stay. Her ‘accommodation’ sounds pretty awful, but its better than on the streets. To give you a brief idea of Lane’s situation, she lives on Ramen noodles for the most of the book!

Both characters are rough around the edges, both have baggage,
problems and things they are keeping to themselves. As soon as we are introduced to Viktor, the intrigue arises about him.

Lane is a great character, she describes herself as ‘self
destructive’, but I see the strong side in her, even from the start.

The book has modern themes to it, and made me smile in places.

The unexpected twist towards the end of the book is brilliant, I did
not see it coming at all. Through the book we are left wondering who to trust, and who is hiding something sinister and who is just being private.

I’m not going to give away much of the storyline, so if you read it
you can enjoy finding out what happens page by page. And, you will
want to. It is a brilliant book, with strong developed characters and
a twist at the end which will leave you surprised and satisfied at the
same time.

At the end of the book, the Author shares a Russian translation guide for the few Russian words used in he story, which was really
interesting, as I didn’t know it was there until I had finished the
book. This worked out better, as it made me imagine what the words meant.




Guest review contributed by Chocolate Pages. The best things in the world are books, chocolate, and baking…or at least, so says this blogger. That sounds pretty good to the rest of us too.

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