Idol – Book Review



Idol (VIP #1) by Kristen Callihan

I don’t know why I’m surprised since the last time I read a Kristen
Callihan book I loved it, but I didn’t expect to fall this hard for
Idol, the first book in her VIP series. The thing is, I didn’t only
fall in love with the two main characters… I want more of the world Kristen created and all the characters in it.

In a way, Idol reminded me of a rock-star-falls-for-normal-girl book I read a while ago called A Million Miles Away by Elizabeth Corva (a series that definitely deserves more attention). Like AMMA, Idol felt legit. I could relate to the music/celebrity world Kristen explored. I could understand the problems that she presented. I felt the pain the characters were dealing with. I understood what was happening and could get behind it because everything made sense. It may not look like it, but making the famous/celebrity world real in books isn’t an easy task. It’s too easy to dive into clichés, but I didn’t feel like Kristen did that at all.

But yeah, the main star hear is the romance, as it’s supposed to be.
The love story between Liberty, a.k.a Libby or Libs (a recluse living
on her own after her parent’s death), and Killian (the lead singer of
the bigger rock band in the world who’s broken because of his closest friend’s suicide attempt) is so perfect and beautiful and raw you won’t be able to look away until you read the last page. Don’t worry, you’ll get your well-deserved HEA.

Before you get there, though, you’ll get to meet these two amazing
people. Learn about what makes them special—their kind hearts and love for music. Watch them rediscover their passion for life after tragedy took or almost took the people they loved away. Fall in love with them as they fall for each other. Hurt when life throws them apart. Keep your fingers crossed that they come together sooner than later. Well, I felt everything, and I blame it on Kristen’s writing!

The characters were so ridiculously relatable that I didn’t even know what to do with myself as I fell hard for them. They were flawed, but so good on the inside that I couldn’t help but love them no matter what. They had a great sense of loyalty and an even better sense of humor. The freaking chemistry when they were together? Ha. Just ridiculous.

And don’t get me started on the pacing. In this book, it was close to
perfect. Everything happened as it was supposed to. Nothing felt
rushed. Nothing dragged. In fact, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted
more and more, and that teaser with Mr. Scott’s story was pure torture because I’m on hold on the library and the line to get this book is so stupidly long. *cries*

Speaking of crying, while Idol didn’t bring tears of sadness, it
brought some of joy because this book was so freaking funny. Libs and Killian had the best chemistry—not just sexually, but that, too—and that means we got some pretty spectacular moments with them interacting, teasing each other and making me laugh.

I can stress enough about how great this book was. Just go read it,
please. Then come thank me later. Meanwhile, I’ll be here, slowly
dying until I can get my hands on Managed, the second book in the
series, featuring too-hot-for-this-world Mr. Scott. Can someone wake me up when I’m next in line?




Guest review contributed by U.S. – Brazil Book Review. As a book review diplomat of sorts, this blogger reviews books in English and Portuguese. If there’s romance in the book, she’s probably loving it.

2 thoughts on “Idol – Book Review”

  1. Hello,

    Nice review … I also read this book and enjoyed reading it. I am on the second book now.

    I hope you won’t get offended, I’m one of your followers and just wanted to help a fellow blogger/ writer. There are two grammatical errors in your review.

    1. “But yeah, the main star hear is the romance,” this is from the 3rd paragraph

    2. “I can stress enough about how great this book was. Just go read it,
    please.” from the last paragraph.

    These are the two that I have seen so far.

    Have a good one.



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