Soulless – Book Review



Soulless by T.M. Frazier

This is the book four in the King series, and part two of Lawless.

Bear grew up a soilder in the Beach Bastards Motorcycle Club, it was his birthright. He’s seen and done things for the sake of the club that are unconscionable. So imagine what he is willing to do to save the woman who holds his heart.

“I am not a son. I do not have a father. I am a soldier in the army of the lawless, and I am nothing more.”

Thia has known more than her fair share of loss in her short life. So when the man that made her a promise as a young girl becomes her lover, she won’t let anything stand in her way to be with him. Even physical torture won’t stop her resolve to be with her man.

“Love isn’t about wanting a hero, it’s about wanting to be one for the other person”

Soulless is the conclusion of Bear and Thia’s story. To save Thia, Bear takes the heat for the murder of Thia’s parents and finds himself in jail. Even in jail Bear has to worry about Thia’s safety. Most of the danger coming from his former club, lead by his father, Chop.

I absolutely adore Soulless. This is a mind blowing conclusion to an epic tale of love, loss, the family your choose, and life lived with intensity. Frazier is one of the most captivating authors I have ever read. Her writing can take me out of my own head and into a world that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Not only am I immersed in the world she has created, but I am completely invested in her characters. Reading the characters of Soulless I experience a physically visceral reaction.

There is a certain level of mental and emotional preparation that must be done before reading a Frazier novel. I knew this when I pick up Soulless. I was so nervous about three quarters of the way through the book because I knew that by the time I was finished I was going to be wrecked. And, in true Frazier fashion she did not disappoint.




Guest review contributed by Reading After Dark. Reading After Dark is a book blog featuring stories about the messy interactions of the human condition, books that are best read after dark.


2 thoughts on “Soulless – Book Review”

  1. As I loved SOA, this seems to be an interesting story. I enjoyed your review of it, especially the quotes. It lead me to the Amazon page where the first few lines grabbed me. Adding it to my TBR, definitely.


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