Miss Hollywood – Book Review



Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner

Miss Hollywood is about two insecure people who find what they need in each other.

Clare is Hollywood’s It girl, but she is not as well put together as
she appears.  Alex has made mistakes and he owns them all.  He is also Clare’s best friend’s brother.  When they are thrown together,
feelings arise and attraction burns.

Here’s the thing.  While I liked the story itself, there were so many
characters involved in this story of two people, it was hard to follow
along.  Don’t get me wrong.  The writing is really good and the
storytelling works.  It is just that there are too many POVs to keep
them all straight at times, which proved to be distracting.

A good story with likable main characters, but a bit of an issue with execution.




Guest review contributed by QueSarasera Book Reviews. This blog features honest reviews with social platform cross-promotion.  It’s also an active participant in blog tours as a tour host, cover reveals, and book blitzes.

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