Unseen Messages – Book Review



Unseen Messages: a survival romance novel by Pepper Winters 


Unseen Messages is raw and amazing! This is a story with so many levels of depth and emotions that makes you feel like you are lost and found at the same time. Our Queen of Darkness, Pepper Winters shared herself completely raw, vulnerable, and has bared her soul to us.


I can’t give you any details of this story as I really want you to experience it first hand. And let me tell you that Pepper does what Pepper does best. She absolutely sucks you in, wrings you dry and in the end of the ride, you are just in love with her even more. I could not function until I finished this story. I can’t wait for you to read it!!


Guest review contributed by Perusing Princesses. Along with their book reviews, this blog features monthly authors (and their books) in their spotlight section. Their website’s forecast is sunny and pink with a chance of glitter.


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