Right – Book Review




This is a standalone romance, however it does feature characters from Jana Aston’s previous book, Wrong. You do not need to have read Wrong to enjoy Right, however I recommend you do. Not only is it is a great read, it also gives you the opportunity to get to know the brilliant Everly and of course the beginning of her story.

This is such a great read. I really enjoyed Wrong, but for me Jana Aston really has delivered with Everly’s story in Right. Having loved Everly in Wrong, I was eager to see how her plan to snare Professor Finn would pan out. I had no clue the direction Jana would take with her story, but I have to say it was bloody genius. Sawyer is perfect for Everly. He challenges her and gives her a bit of her own medicine. They have a genuine chemistry and just, for want of a better word, fit. The banter between them had me giggling and the sex has me readying the shower to cool myself off. It is a really well written and developed romantic comedy and I loved it.


I said this about Wrong and I will say it again about Right. Not all books need to be deep and heavy. Sometimes you need a read that will make you laugh. An easy read that uplifts you with characters that don’t bore you with their complexity. Right and its characters are perfect for exactly that. Of course the pathway isn’t always easy, but it also reinforces how super cool both Sawyer and particularly Everly are. Everyone needs a friend like Everly in their life.


If you want a light-hearted, funny and sexy read, don’t look any further…


Sometimes who you think is Mr Wrong, turns out to be the perfect Mr Right.




Guest review contributed by Perusing Princesses. Along with their book reviews, this blog features monthly authors (and their books) in their spotlight section. Their website’s forecast is sunny and pink with a chance of glitter.

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