When I Was Yours – Book Review



When I Was Yours

Wow’ed again by Samantha Towle!!

We get a really great story about two young loves, met by chance, maybe destiny.

It begins like all great love story begins…

A boy met a girl, the boy and girl fell in love, and the boy lost the girl.

I really liked how Samantha Towle went back and forth from past to present in their POV’s. And how she carefully crafted the story to get you to the present, and then make you live all the love, laughs and pain. She makes you doubt their future. She dangled hope in front of your face to just make you believe that they would never survive the secrets and hurt!

It’s so hard to review this story without giving away the details of their ups and downs in their relationship… the good is breathtaking… the bad is soul shattering. It truly puts you in the mindset of being in the same situation, and having to choose between what you love the most… what would you do? Could you survive it? Would you be able to forgive?

I love reading anything by Samantha Towle… Read this!




Guest review contributed by Perusing Princesses. Along with their book reviews, this blog features monthly authors (and their books) in their spotlight section. Their website’s forecast is sunny and pink with a chance of glitter.

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