Bargain Book of the Week – Sucker For the Boss



This series highlights inexpensive, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.

Sucker For the Boss


I made up my mind. Things had to change. Those wild carefree days of college life was over and this was the real world now. Time to get serious here.

I swear I was serious; when I landed the Personal Assistant job with Jacob Goodwin. I was serious all the way through the preparation and till I reached his mansion. Why wouldn’t I be? I had somehow managed to bag a job with the most successful real estate moguls in the country.

That was until I actually met him, Jacob Goodwin. With his smooth talk, those sparkling blue eyes, those abs that could put any guy half his age to shame. I was floored, I was hooked.

As a part of the contract, I was supposed to live in his mansion, be at his beck and call at all hours of the day. Is it wrong to hope that he would need me outside work hours? Will I hate myself for breaking my resolution to be good?







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