Jester – Book Review


Jester by Lilly Atlas


Thrust into a world of danger and fear, first grade teacher, Emily, is forced to comply with a terrifying MC president’s demands in order to save her only brother’s life. Her only port in the storm is Jester, a member of a rival MC she’s supposed to use and betray. Jester proves to be the opposite of everything Emily expects, and before long she’s in his bed and he’s in her heart.

Jester would give life and limb for the No Prisoner’s Motorcycle Club. His sole focus should be on the impending attack against their enemies, the Grimm Brothers. Meeting sweet and innocent Emily wasn’t part of his plan, and falling for her is out of the question.

Can Emily save her brother’s life without destroying the man who opens her eyes and heart to an amazing world of pleasure? She’ll do anything in her power to help her brother while protecting Jester, but when Jester finds out she was sent by his enemy, she may lose everything she’s trying to preserve.



As I read Striker, I developed an insanely huge crush on Jester. He is literally the total package. Strong, smart, funny, sexy….and I was so happy that his story was the next in this phenomenal series.

As strong and dominating as Jester is, he needed a strong yet gentle woman to balance him out. And Emily is all that and more. Normally, I am not a huge fan of stories where there are lies or deception. Yet I still liked this story, the author didn’t let the secrets go too far or ruin any chance of a healthy relationship.

Filled with wonderfully descriptive sex and alpha males, this is another great addition to the No Prisoners MC series.

5/5 Hearts

You can check out Jester here.




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