Fire in You – Book Review


Fire in You by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: NA| Contemporary Romance
Series: Wait for You #6
Read Count: 1
Published: November 28, 2016
Pages: 390 pages
Format: ebook
Average Rating: 4.02 stars
My Rating: 3.5 stars

A little backstory… our main characters, Jillian and Brock, grew up together and were essentially inseparable, the best of friends! However, when tragedy strikes, Jillian cuts Brock out of her life and embarks on a miserable, tasteless life where she isn’t really living for six years.

The agony only ends when she’s conned into working for Brock at her father’s company, and they become “friends”. Notice quotation marks. He’s actually wooing her but she’s completely oblivious and it’s adorable.

GAH this book was so freaking cute!!!

Not to mention the amount of fangirling I did over Jillian’s fangirling!!! It’s so awesome to read about someone who is like you. She loves the Black Dagger Brotherhood, even named her cat after Rhage….so many awesome things that had me “eeeek!”-ing while reading. All she needed was a Hamilton reference and I would have immediately asked why JLA was stalking me because Jillian is so obviously me. LOL

I think I already mentioned what a yummy hot guy Brock is. What a hunk.
Brock’s wooing of her was pretty cute…especially because she was completely oblivious to it all. He brought her lattes and munchies, and delivered her lunch… gah!! I want a Brock in my life : – )

I feel you, girl.

One aspect I really liked was Rhage, the cat, not the badass vampire from Lover Eternal. This cat has more arrogance and attitude and pompous-ness in his little paw than an entire class of high school boys. I loved how she made Rhage a character of his own, and he added his own brand of loveliness to the story. Every character needs her animal sidekick!!

I think you get that I ADORED Jillian’s characterization, but her growth through the book was truly fun to experience. I did find the ending a bit abrupt for my taste…I feel like this book would have been SOOOO much satisfying it was more substantial. It had so much potential for a longer story, and I was disappointed that JLA kept with her theme of shorter romances for this series. Their relationship had so much more room to grow and I was disappointed to see it stop so abruptly and prematurely. Other than a few other loose ends that I thought needed to be tied up, I LOVED IT!! JLA is Queen of the adorable couple and adorable romance, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

If she could take the adorably sweet, slow-burn romance from her Lux series and apply it to her contemporary style, I think she would be dynamite in the book world: absolutely unstoppable.

Check out Fire in You here.




Guest review contributed by Cover to Cover Lit. This book blogger doesn’t go anywhere without a book and doesn’t leave the library without another dozen.

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