The Last Dance – Book Review


The Last Dance by xoStardust (Wattpad Book Review)

Celia, a knight more than a lady in her mind, is not at all excited about donning on a dress and attending the High Ball. Worse still because Prince John will be there to terrorize her. Prince John isn’t excited about the Hall Ball either because he has been putting off any idea of marriage or being King. These two childhood enemies are both fretting about the changes that are occurring in both their lives. However, when Prince John does something drastic, Celia is the best person that can come and save him. The question is, can two people who have hated each other their entire lives learn to get along?

Genre: Fantasy – Romance



This is a good read for all ages. It isn’t anything particularly complicated or exciting about The Last Dance and that in itself is the appeal. It is one of those reads you do when you don’t want complicated. When you want to read a story about two young adults who are struggling to find their way in the world. A world that is medieval-based and fantasy in nature. However, it is more about the characters then the story and that is what draws you in. It is about moving them through the world and in a way the book becomes more compelling as the characters evolve.

Although this is appears to be the author’s first book and there are a few notable character problems and plot holes, neither is really enough to distract from this heartwarming tale. Fair warning, Celia cries or almost cries A LOT. Beyond that the rest of the character development is well done. Just when you think a character is too perfect, the author introduces a character flaw or something they can’t do. All of the side characters are distinct enough that you appreciate their addition to the story.

The setting and clothes are described often enough that you have a sense of the world around them. However, the world building and plot seems secondary to the characters. You can tell that the author took great strides to show their growth. For those who are still teenagers or remember being a young adult and struggling with the pending responsibilities of being an adult you’ll appreciate this story.

I wouldn’t hesitate to give this a 8/10 and say that anyone who enjoy sweet teen romances should give this one a chance.




Guest review contributed by Creating Worlds with Words. This blogger offers book reviews as well as chapter critique exchanges. Occasionally, portions of her writing appear in the feed.

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