Predator’s Salvation – Book Review

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The shape shifters from Gemini Island’s Ursa Resort have been through hell. In the battle with their enemy the Alpha Brethren, they suffered losses and are still dealing with the emotional aftermath. No one in this heroic group has emerged unscathed.

When mountain lion shifter Connor Church lost his best friend, he made a vow to protect his widow and small children. Of everyone on Gemini Island, he knows best how badly the young family has suffered.

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All The Bright Places – Book Review



The plot was not the most unique plots that have ever amused the people on Earth but still it connected. It connected to the level I can’t possibly explain. I know it has something to do with my brain and the hormones it produced when I read this book but believe me they were good hormones.

Two people accidently meet on the top of the Bell Tower, both trying to attempt suicide. Both of them don’t and then pair up for a school project which required the students to go to the major attractions of the town and note whatever they saw.

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