Spelled – Book Review



By: Betsy Schow

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

To start off, the cover of this book is GORGEOUS!

“When invited over to a tea party, the only acceptable behavior is to eat every last crumb and drop. Then, even if it turns you big or small, don’t forget to say thank you with a tip of the hat. – Hatter’s Mad Manners” Since this book included a Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland reference, I have to start with it because I love it!

This book is a mashup of all of the familiar fairy tales we all know and love, but focuses mainly on The Wizard of Oz.  Some of the characters that are mentioned are Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and other similar characters. But the author focuses on one girl named Dorthea, who is the princess of her kingdom.

There are a lot of references to the Wizard of Oz: of course, the shoes, the name Dorthea itself, and definitely the merest mention of Kansas.

Spelled is absolutely hilarious and filled with puns and references. I definitely enjoyed the book from start to finish.

The main character, Dorthea is a complete spoiled brat, but she isn’t unlikeable. Her character development shows throughout the short chapters in a way that is relatable and realistic (for living in a fairy tale world, that is…) She becomes a strong heroine, which is always awesome to see. She also has the most sarcastic inner thoughts and responses that I found it hard not to love her.

Another main character and the love interest of Dorthea, Kato is just awesome and lovable. His relationship with Dorthea was very entertaining to watch develop and did not seem rushed in any way. Even though Kato doesn’t talk that much in the first half of the book, their actions when they are together and apart spoke volumes. Their actions and understated expressions really helped to form a bond between them and helped develop their relationship.

Also, Schow included modern day favorites into her book by changing their names to fit the magical realm. For example, Flitter (Twitter), Bog Posts (Blog Posts), etc. The chapter titles and quotes were very original and really fun to read. I loved all of them.

Check out Spelled here.




Guest review contributed by Mad Tea Party Book Reviews. The one thing this blogger likes more than Alice in Wonderland is reviewing books. Her favorite type is YA but branches out to several other markets/genres.

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