Bargain Book of the Week – One Flight Stand

This series highlights cheap, free, or discounted books to give you, dear reader, the most options on what to read.


Montana is the man I can’t have. Me, I’m the girl he shouldn’t want.

We’re like Romeo and Juliet.

That is, if Juliet was forcibly engaged to Romeo’s half-brother, everyone carried guns instead of swords… and Romeo knocked up Juliet in the first class bathroom on a flight out of Chicago.

Alright, so not quite the same. But at least our families have the blood feud going, so that’s something. And even if we didn’t, our baby will definitely start one.

We met with a kiss. I ached to run my fingers through his unruly hair, he needed to shake a handsy cougar. It was fate. His intensely dark eyes took my breath away, and his quick smile made it all too easy to forget that I wasn’t for him, and never would be.

But for that stolen, reckless moment, I was his. How was I to know that moment would tie us together for the rest of our lives?

And leave me with morning sickness.

Montana vows to fight both our families to keep my baby and me safe. I just want us to get out of this alive, with neither of us dumped into the middle of Lake Michigan with a new pair of cement shoes.

Welcome to love in the Mafia.

Hope you brought enough popcorn to share. I’m having a craving.

Check out One Flight Stand here.






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