Cadence – Book Review


Cadence by Lisa Swallow

This is the first book in the Ruby Riot series of standalone stories with interconnected characters.

Tegan Hughes is the young, beautiful and adventurous type. She is determined that her next adventure will be touring with her brother Bryan and his band Blue Phoenix through the capital cities of Europe. Her overprotective older brother has been on tour for a while and is not thrilled about his sister being exposed to the livestyle. It only serves to prove Bryan’s point when Tegan catches the eye of a major playboy guitarist the first night she’s there.

“Is she in slow motion?” asks Nate, setting down the bottles he’s fetched from the bar. “What?” “You know, like the movies.” Nate steps back and waves his head around as if fanning hair around his face throwing an exaggerates pout in my direction. “The hot girl, the sof focus, sexy muchs in the background.”

Jax Lewis is the guitarist for Ruby Riot. He always knew what his future would hold, so he put his head down and did what he had to do get there. Now that all that hard work is paying off, he is definitely enjoying the spoils; parties, drinking, some herbal indulgences, and always…always girls. He knows that messing with the little sister, of the drummer of Blue Phoenix could be detrimental to his career and his health, but how can he help himself?

Watching him on stage is like seeing a different person. he’s the same good-looking guy in his rock and roll uniform, but so much more. Suddenly Jax’s jeans appear to hug him that much better; and I can’t drag my gaze from his lithe, muscled body as he moves on stage. the lights capture Jax’s face as they strobe, stroking the angels of his face and highlighting a smile on his full mouth. I’ve met him several times, aware of his attractiveness, but this is differen. This is Jax, the Rock Star. 

Tegan and Jax are drawn to each other from the first encounter. For a short period of time they try to stay away from each other. He’s a man whore. She’s the little sister of a not so little drummer. If things go wrong it could be really bad for the both of them. There is so much working them, how can things not go bad?

Tegan and Jax are a typical couple dealing with the extra pressure of fame and celebrity. The media has always been a point of contention for famous couples. Social media is helping to emphasis and magnetize this pressure point. For a young and new couple like Tegan and Jax, it may be too much.

This book is a spin off from Swallow’s series Blue Phoenix. I did not read the Blue Phoenix series before reading Cadence. Although the story was enjoyable as a stand alone, I can definitely tell I would have more affinity towards the characters if I had.

I enjoyed the story of Tegan and Jax working to find their way to each other. The chemistry between them is pretty hot. Bravo to Swallow for not shying away from the intimate and erotic.

Rating: Four Flames

Check out Cadence here.




Guest review contributed by Reading After Dark. Reading After Dark is a book blog featuring stories about the messy interactions of the human condition, books that are best read after dark.

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