The Last Resort – Book Review




Rose Delaney is a baby bounty hunter, rescuing children from fugitive ex-spouses. All she wants is to return a recovered child to its mother and get back to her regimented solitary life. But when a snow storm leaves her and baby Emmy stranded, Rose has no choice but to lean on the ruggedly handsome rescuer, who thinks the baby is hers. Holed up in their mountain resort-under-construction and unable to contact Emmy’s mother, Rose’s priority is hitting the road—even if Garrett’s erotic touch entices her to ride out the storm.

Construction boss Garrett Galo loves his job, but he never imagined a perk like being snowbound during a whiteout with the sassy brunette he just rear-ended. He’s learned to stay away from women who want a family, especially when they come with a kid in tow. When passionate nighttime encounters flare between them, Garrett begins to question what he’d risk to keep Rose.

This isn’t the time or the place for romance—but will five days on a mountain make these loners reconsider giving in to love?



The two main characters are Rose and Garrett. Rose is the baby bounty hunter who has walls around her heart and the wish for a normal but not entirely normal life. She doesn’t want kids. Ironic since she saves babies but that complication is from her past. No spoilers – you’ll have to read it. Enter Garrett: Handsome, hotel renovator, and can nail fancy dives (former swimmer with the bod to prove it). There is really only one supporting character and that is Wesley ‘Wes’ who is Garrett’s brother. Technically Emmy, the baby, is also a secondary character – wouldn’t want to forget the bundle of joy!



There are two plots. The romantic plot, which plays it safe with a nice twist of being non-conforming. Also it ends with a realistic ‘happy for now’ ending which I really appreciated. I would have not enjoyed it as much if the author would have taken that extra step. The second plot is Emmy.  Rose is mid-way to bringing Emmy back to her mother from her deadbeat dad that violated their shared custody when a white out snow storm hits. Technically Rose isn’t working outside the law – just in a ‘gray area’ but she doesn’t trust the brothers and decides to pose as Emmy’s mother. The plot continues from there and adds an extra zing to the story.



The book was easy to read and was enjoyable. Rose and Garrett are perfect for each other. They practically sizzle off the page. It is nice to get both Rose and Garrett’s point of view but there are a few POV issues where they cross over.

The plot was interesting and you really wanted Emmy to get home safe. The one things that stuck was some of the story line was just a little bit too convenient and the inner dialogue was repetitive. That were the only issues with the book though. Despite that it was a cute romance the was easy to read.



4 Stars

If you like romances that are for those that are non-confirming to societies expectations this is the right book for you! Interesting read but the inner dialogue and some of the plot was a little repetitive.

I received a copy of this in exchange of an honest review.

Check out The Last Resort here.




Guest review contributed by Creating Worlds with Words. This blogger offers book reviews as well as chapter critique exchanges. Occasionally, portions of her writing appear in the feed.

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