Sex God – Book Review


SEX GOD by Marie Force

A Standalone Contemporary Romance!


Book Blurb:

A sizzling hot stand-alone contemporary romance!

I inherited a life I never intended to live.

I’ve upheld my responsibilities admirably.

And I’ve taken care of my own needs privately…

I’m biding my time until I can get the hell out of here.

But I didn’t count on having unfinished business

With one of my very best friends…

When a man has a certain “reputation” to uphold,

There can be no unhappy customers left behind.

Lauren is a loose end that won’t be tied up no matter how hard I try.

And I try hard. Really, really… hard.


Sex God is the much-anticipated follow-up to Sex Machine.


My Review:

4 Stars!

Marie Force brings us another scorching, romantic read!

Garrett and Lauren have been friends since sixth grade and there has always been a simmering attraction between them.  Despite that attraction, they have remained best friends and nothing more because of various things in their lives.  One night, six months ago, they took it to the next level and it went horribly wrong.  Lauren thinks it was her and Garrett thinks it was him.  So, Garrett decides he is going to give it one more shot to prove to her that she is not to blame and that she is more than good in bed.

Can you say trainwreck in progress?  Holy cow.  Garrett is a human train wreck.  He is sexy and says all the right things, but the guy is so far in his own head all he sees is pitch black.

This book moves fast, not in length but in story progression.  I mean at the speed of light.  Things start off at a slow simmer and come to a boil faster than you can say sex god.  It doesn’t deter from the story in any way and we get Marie Force’s trademark scorching, hot sexy times.  You will see the twist coming from the first chapter, but I kind of liked that.  I was reading with baited breath to see how it all played out.

Don’t deny yourself a sex god.  Grab this book today!

Check out Sex God here.




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