Brynnde – Book Review



My Rating: Four hearts
Spice Level: One kiss


Brynnde Archambault needs to find someone to marry, else she’ll be stuck with dull Mr. Dallweather. The answer to her problem arrives in the form of handsome and witty Viscount Burbridge, but just when everything seems to be going smoothly, scandal strikes and the engagement ends.

Meanwhile, Brynnde has no trouble matchmaking her friends and even her own brother. But while she breezily finds suitors for everyone else, for her time is running out. Must she resign herself to becoming Mrs. Dallweather? Or will Brynnde yet succeed in making a match for herself?

“Brynnde” is a light, bubbly, and sweet Regency romance in the vintage style of Zebra and Signet.

My Review

So many matches going on in this story make it very entertaining. This one is different because of how things played out with everyone from the start. You get to know and love all the characters throughout the story. I loved that I didn’t see the scandal coming like it did and how it affected everyone around it. I loved how she got her name.

Brynnde had no wish to be married, but when given no choice she must decide. I loved that she wanted to make sure everyone was happy even when she was sick and facing marrying someone she didn’t want.

Garrick didn’t do something unless he wanted to. I loved how he had a habit of saying something and it comes out wrong. He will have your heart with how he takes care of her and listens to her.

Check out Brynnda here.


Guest review contributed by The Sassy Book LoverThis blogger is a sassy, book-loving southern belle. She posts reviews mainly but also about her own writing journey and encourages readers to be modern-day bluestockings.


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