Burn (Elemental Hearts #1) – Book Review




Depending on an Elemental Warrior is the key to her survival…and maybe more. Brooke Simmonds moved to the isolated mountain town of Topaz Ridge for three things: A position as senior designer at the local paper, money in the bank, and complete independence. The day she gets everything she’s been working towards, her life goes up in flames. Literally. Her rescue is a haze of pain and smoke, but she remembers him, the handsome stranger that carried her out of the blaze. Are her memories clouded by smoke inhalation, or did she really see him manipulating the flames to save her?

He’ll either lose his control, or his heart. Or both. Levi takes an instant liking to Brooke, whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him. When her apartment building bursts into flames, he springs to the rescue. As one of the elite Elemental Warriors sent here to fight the forces of Chaos, he’s got the power to do it. His control however, is…unpredictable. He gets her to safety, but not before revealing himself for what he is.

When the enemy turns their sights on Brooke, she’s sucked into a world, and a war, she never knew existed. Now, she’ll have to depend on Levi to help her navigate this new world whether she wants to or not. The burn between them is undeniable, but will it be enough to help them conquer their foes, and their differences? Or will they both go down in flames?


I loved Brooke most of the time and I liked Levi nearly all the time as well. I LOVED THEM TOGETHER. They brought out each other’s good traits and even with the mistakes and the stumbling around they were great. The author did a great job weaving them together and the secondary characters made it even better. You like their whole team as much as you like Brooke’s boss. Very likable support characters


This book had an interesting concept that the author carried through on and it did not disappoint. There are warrior elementals, action, thrilling moments, and smoldering romance. It was predictable and sometimes over the top but it worked. I honestly normally hate clichés or stuff that doesn’t make sense (like let’s not arm the defenseless one at all and take her to a really dangerous place where we might be outnumbered). I am still struggling with how I loved this execution as much as I did. The author obviously has talent!


This author’s writing was easy to follow with a voice perfect for romance. Romances are normally a little ridiculous at some point, it is just part of the territory, but so few authors can pull it off. This one does. I was excited to have time to read more and I put off other books to finish it. I rarely became annoyed with the characters or the circumstances. I enjoyed just about every minute of the book. This book can so standalone but I want to read another one. I’d read the second book in a heartbeat.

Rating: 5 stars

This paranormal romance balances action and suspense perfectly with romance. At the end of the day it is romance but it is romance with a decent plot and likable characters.

I receive a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Check out Burn here.




Guest review contributed by Creating Worlds with Words. This blogger offers book reviews as well as chapter critique exchanges. Occasionally, portions of her writing appear in the feed.


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