Forever Rose – Book Review

forever rose


My Rating: Five hearts
Spice Level: One kiss


Alessandro Santini, an Italian doctor from the twenty-first century, lives an ordinary life in modern day Florence. But one evening, he passes through a swirling vortex caused by a supermoon and discovers he has stepped three hundred years into the past. Countess Rose Estes is torn between following her dream of becoming a historical painter and her duty toward her family.

After Rose’s father is wounded during her birthday ball, Alex and Rose burn with questions: Who attacked him with a flying dagger? Why? Forced to go to Siena and spend fourteen months together, Rose and Alex find themselves drawn to each other as they search for answers and discover secrets that go deeper than they ever imagined. As the portal’s opening approaches, Alex finds out that Rose has been poisoned through the roses she’s been receiving. He has two choices to save her life-take Rose to his time or go by himself and bring the medication she needs.

My Review

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

If you love Outlander then I think you will love this book! I’m not much for time travel, but this one is amazing and doesn’t have a lot of time travel. I was hooked from the start when they met because they were a match for each other in different ways. The mystery is a good one and even though I could figure out most parts there were still some twists that I didn’t see coming. this one gave me book hangover at the end.

Rose is a favorite heroine of mine. She is independent, a painter, and has a mind for business. I loved her right away because she was so open to everything and didn’t panic or run from anything even the portal. I did not see the twist about her coming and it was perfect.

Alex will break your heart. He was stuck in his own past and Rose was the answer to his healing. He was out of place, but fit in most of the time and I loved that he jumped to help anyone. I didn’t know if he would stay or leave until the end and then I was afraid something would happen.

I highly recommend this book because it’s different in many ways.

Check out Forever Rose here.




Guest review contributed by The Sassy Book LoverThis blogger is a sassy, book-loving southern belle. She posts reviews mainly but also about her own writing journey and encourages readers to be modern-day bluestockings.

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