Living with Shame – Book Review



 At thirteen, I snuck a kiss.

At sixteen, I fell in love.
At eighteen, I despised loving him.
He lied, cheated and killed. He also protected, provided and gave me solace.I ran the streets, doing whatever I pleased, until Shame showed up to claim me. For five years, the most notorious street gang in Boston became my family. The day I turned eighteen, I didn’t want to leave. My heart belonged to Shame. I simply needed to convince him I was more than the little girl he rescued.I promised to love him, but could he ever love me back?

Not all love was easy.
Not all love was meant to be.
And not all love could survive.

From the author of The Irreparable Series comes a story of forbidden romance. With all the angst you expect from KJ Bell, Living With Shame will bring you to your knees and have you begging for a happy ending.


Have you ever read a book that once you got to the end, you set it down and stared at the wall for a few minutes? That literally just happened to me. If you read any books I recommend, please make this one of them.

Words simply cannot express what an amazing story this was. It is far more than a simple romance novel. Filled with family, love, violence, addiction, secrets, this book literally stole my attention and I had a hard time putting down my kindle. This is about all consuming love, that started when Breeze was 13. Don’t worry, nothing of a sexual nature happens until she is of legal age. Shame’s roll in her life changes as she becomes older.

This does end with a cliffhanger, hopefully the next part in the series isn’t too far away. Shame and Breeze are characters that I will always remember. Each chapter begins and ends with insightful words about life as they correspond with the theme for that particular chapter.

Read this book.

5/5 Hearts

Check out Living with Shame here.





Guest review contributed by Hot Kindle Reads. This blog is dedicated to all that sizzles, particularly contemporary and erotic romance. These reviews might make the edges of your chocolate melt. She keeps an eye out for new authors but also popular releases.


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