The Hometown Hoax – Book Review

hometown hoax


Release date: November 16th 2016
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Source: Netgalley

Leaving was hard, but staying away might be impossible. 

Tessa Cutter escaped her tiny hometown and chased her artistic dreams straight to Manhattan. Now she’s home for a camping trip with her family. To keep them off her back, she makes up the perfect pretend boyfriend–successful, important, and most of all, permanently located in New York.


Logan Ridley lost everything when his Manhattan-based personal training studio shut down. Luckily, a friend got him a position as a gym teacher in the small town of Cutter’s Creek. He’s heard a lot about the infamous Tessa, but she’s even better than he imagined. Except, she seems to hate everything about the small town he’s growing to love.

The chemistry sparking between them is impossible to ignore, but falling for Logan will trap Tessa in the small town she worked so hard to escape. If they have any hope of a future together, he’ll have to convince her that everything she wants has been in Cutter’s Creek all along…

The Review

This is the second book I have read from this author and just like the first one I surely was not disappointed.

The story is mostly about Tessa Cutter who left her tiny hometown Cutter’s Creek to chase her dream of becoming a famous artist in the big city of New York. Things are not going as she planned but she is not quite ready to give it up especially as her family keeps trying to get her to move back to her hometown. And for this reason on her camping trip with her family she has created the perfect New York pretend boyfriend.

On her way to Cutter’s Creek Tessa did not know she would meet Logan in a minor accident which really did not set them off on a great start. Logan who has lost everything when the big health chains forced him to shut down his personal training studio is new to Cutters creek and is trying to start his life all over again.

Under the circumstances there is some tension between Tessa and Logan and it gets worse when she discovers that Logan was invited to her family camping trip by Tessa’s brother in-law. This means that Tessa is forced to see Logan every day for the duration of the trip but its not all bad as she knows there is some chemistry between them but she wont admit it.

As the chemistry and attraction grows it seems Tessa might soon crack about her make believe boyfriend but also can she truly find her happiness if she moves back to Cutter’s Creek.
What did I like ? One word….everything! This book had me hooked from the first page and as the story progresses I just couldn’t help myself as I am a sucker for romance. There was just enough of everything to make me love the story. I liked Tessa and Logan, it was awesome seeing how their friendship grew to become so much more. This makes me agree with the fact that the special person in your life should be your friend first, nothing wrong if they aren’t. Maybe they will become your friend later? Don’t ever listen to me about relationship advice, I really suck at it. There was also just enough steam to keep me wanting more. This book had me wishing I could sit and appreciate such scenery as described by the author.
The story says a lot about friendships, love and family. And it also shows that it doesn’t matter where you settle or live as long as you can pursue your dreams and be with the one you love. I am doing my best not to give spoilers so I’ll stop there and give this a hefty 5 stars!

Check out The Hometown Hoax here.




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