Along for the Ride – Book Review

along for the ride


2 stars 

Vanessa Capri hates musicians. She has good reasons to, just not ones she’s willing to talk about, even with her best friend, Sandy Thibeault. Vanessa has a long history with rock stars; as the daughter of a famous music producer, she’s spent her life around them and knows about the seedy underbelly of the music business. She knows firsthand how the industry ruins lives and families, and she’ll do anything in her power to stay away.

Until the talent show at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence—her boarding school for the rich and famous—where she sees Willmont Davidson perform. She recognizes his rare talent and knows he needs to audition for her father’s new boy band. Except Willmont isn’t buying what she’s selling and seems to be immune to the lure of the music business. Vanessa is determined to get him on board, though she’s also committed to maintaining her distance from the band. Especially when one of the members turns out to be someone from Vanessa’s past—someone she’s been trying for months to get over.
But then her summer plans—relaxing at her house in the Hamptons with Sandy—are threatened when her best friend decides she wants to follow the band on tour. It’s a dream come true for her to be the band’s exclusive teen vlogger and Vanessa’s dad loves the idea to help build buzz, so who is Vanessa to stop her? Sandy wants her to come along, but while Vanessa’s not going to stop her friend, there’s no way she’s going on tour.
Despite her efforts to stay away, Vanessa gets caught up in the tour preparations and starts not hating it (or the guys) as much as she would have expected. And then, when things start to go wrong, they don’t just want her on tour, they need her. Will Vanessa rise to the challenge? And if she does will she be able to protect her heart from these boys who were built to be heartthrobs?
Along for the Ride is the first book in The Rosewoods Rock Star series for readers who love swoony romantic comedies about rock stars and the girls who can’t resist them.

Note: The Rock Star books are companions to original Rosewoods series, but take place after it, beginning chronologically after Crossing the Line (book 10). There are some spoilers, but each series can be read independently.


I was drawn to request this book on NetGalley because the summary sounded like something I would enjoy. I’m sad to say that this was quite disappointing. When stories have anything to do with music or singing, I really enjoy them but this book didn’t do it right.

Vanessa Capri is the daughter of a music producer, Tony Capri, so there is a lot of explanation of the technical part of the music industry which was interesting but I don’t know if it’s very accurate. They keep talking about this “boy band formula” which was really irritating. Something that bothered me in this story was that Vanessa also refers to her father as Tony Capri and seemed to see him more as a music producer than a father. The story never dwelled on that but I thought it was a bit strange that she often used his whole name while referring to him in company who knew they were related.

Willmont Davidson, Vanessa’s great find at the talent show (no this isn’t a spoiler – the entire plot of the story is in the summary.) and Vanessa strike an email correspondence which was quite cute. Nessa tried to convince him to join the band and he repeatedly denied but that never dampened her spirits. They become quite close in their emails and so, it becomes quite evident that he is to be our love interest in this story. However, this IS a story with a BOY BAND, ie, 5 gorgeous single boys and this is part of a series so OF COURSE the relationship didn’t bloom as it should have. Instead, Vanessa gets together with the boy she spent 200 pages convincing me she had no feelings for. Why. It was so unnecessary. The whole book builds a really nice friendship between Nessa and Will and in the end she goes back to the boy she barely spoke to in this entire story.

I’m sure that by the end of this series, they’ll get together after a few frustrating love triangles and angsty moments but this lackluster story  wasn’t my only problem with this book. The writing was good at some points – the emails between Nessa and Will were my favourite parts to read, Nessa’s best friend Sandy was fun to read but overall, the writing was very choppy. There would be multiple sentences in the same paragraph which had nothing to do with each other. The names of the chapters were completely irrelevant – if you can’t name chapters right, just stick to numbers. We have some truly amazing chapter titles like Times SquareOh, The HorrorOne Random Nightand The Show.  At some points, I don’t know if Abbott just forgot what word to use or was trying to increase the word count because on the first page of the story is:
“…but the audience was far from quiet. In fact, it was the opposite of quiet because even though…”
Why can’t you just say loud?

My biggest issue with the story was that I did not care about any of the characters. Will seemed slightly interesting but Vanessa is a snob, Sandy has no personality, the rest of the boys in the boy band had no depth and I didn’t care about what their back stories were or where they’d go once the tour started. I was very underwhelmed by this story and will not be continuing the series. However, on checking Goodreads for this story, I seem to be in a minority so this may just be a book you enjoy.

Check out Along for the Ride here.



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