Throwback Thursday: Flamecaster – Book Review



Genre: YA | High Fantasy | Romance | Magic | AMAZINGNESSSSSSS
 Shatter Realms #1
Read Count: 
April 5th, 2016
544 pages
 ARC from the author at NKYA Fest
Average Rating: 
4.14 stars
My Rating: 
All the stars!!!

The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima is honestly, one of my favorite YA High Fantasy reads ever. It’s so… awesome : ) Her ability to string together the best characters and stories and glorious EVERYTHING and … everything that ties in so beautifully with her absolutely stunning, eloquent writing. Cinda, as ever, has me inspired and emotionally wrought.

Flamecaster is along the same vein, and is about the kids of the Seven Realms characters. You will get told this is a standalone from the Seven RealmsDO NOT BELIEVE. It is possible for you to skip the other series, and go straight to this. Do not do this. It’s packed full of references, and innuendos, and FEELS that you will not understand if you skip Seven RealmsTrust me.

Flamecaster was absolutely amazing. : )  I absolutely consumed it. How could you not? It was such a cozy, fiery, twisty, funny and unpredictable read!

Ash, the son of Raisa and Han from Seven Realms, was our main character (and I’m going to tell you nothing, because SPOILERS) and he was amazing. Through the story, we got to see Ash mature and grow into a stunning (and totally crush-worthy) young man and I grew a deep connection with him that lasted throughout the book.Ash was an absolutely stunning MC, with the best characteristics from his mother and father… it’s was amazing.

Ash’s counterpart, Jenna, was endlessly intriguing! She has so much mystery with her background and her whole personality is very enjoyable! Determined to make a difference, Jenna is determined and relentless, but we still managed to see her quirky personality and her stunning intellect. More characters to love and despair and hen over!

The feels in this book, dug their claws in deep and yanked my heart out. Then shoved it back in and it swelled immensely…only to get yanked back out again. I was crying two chapters in, and the tumultuous, rollercoaster emotions it offered continued throughout the book; having me laughing, crying, grinning, swearing and clutching my chair in despair and anxiety and wonder and captivation and awe. There were so many things about this book that I loved… I just can’t even think right now! If you haven’t picked up a Cinda book yet, pick up Seven Realmsand then get to this one and fangirl over it with me!! It’ll definitely get you in the mood for Halloween!

Check out Flamecaster here.




Guest review contributed by Cover to Cover Lit. This book blogger doesn’t go anywhere without a book and doesn’t leave the library without another dozen.

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