Her Scandalous Wish – Book Review

her scandalous wish

A marriage offer obligated by duty; an acceptance, compelled by desperation.

Scarred from a fire, at two-and-twenty, Philomena Pomfrett is resigned to spinsterhood. But to ease her dying brother’s fretting, she reluctantly agrees to attend a London Season to acquire a husband. If she fails, when he dies, with no family and no money, her future is perilous. Betrayed once, Philomena entertains no notions of a love-match.

Newly titled, Bradford offers marriage, but Philomena rejects his half-hearted proposal, convinced he’d grow to despise her. Then her brother collapses, and she’s faced with marrying a man who deserted her once already.

Caution: This Regency historical romance contains a jaded lord whom the ladies adore, a scarred spinster, willing to sacrifice everything for her dying brother, a feisty, portly cat, and an audacious aunt who say precisely what she thinks.


My Review
*I received a copy of the collection from the author in exchange for my honest review

This is my favorite so far! Many emotions and a few twists I didn’t see coming. It was a whirlwind of events and I loved it. I did not expect the twist of what he thought had happened to them or the stuff about his uncle. I loved that they were drawn together in the dark. His aunt again adds to everything.

Philomena thought no man would ever love her because of her scars. I loved her because of how much she loved her brother and wanted to make him happy. She also spoke her mind at all times.

Bradford was left heartbroken because of his uncle’s lies. I felt for him as he thought about her and then when he saw her. I loved him in the first book and more in this one because it told his story more.

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Guest review contributed by The Sassy Book Lover. This blogger is a sassy, book-loving southern belle. She posts reviews mainly but also about her own writing journey and encourages readers to be modern-day bluestockings.

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