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hollywood dirt



Cole Masten. Abandoned by his superstar wife, Hollywood’s Perfect Husband is now Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor: partying hard and screwing even harder. Watch out Los Angeles, there’s a new bad boy in town.

Summer Jenkins. That’s me, a small town girl stuck in Quincy, Georgia. I cook some mean chicken and dumplins, can bluff a grown man out of his savings in poker, and was voted Most Friendly my senior year.

We were from different worlds. Our lives shouldn’t have collided. But then Cole Masten read a book about my small town. And six months later, his jet landed on our dusty airstrip, and he brought Hollywood with him.

From the start, I knew he was trouble. For our town. And for me.

Sometimes, opposites just aren’t meant to attract.


Summer Jenkins lives in a small southern town and fills her days with the southern lifestyle. There isn’t much excitement in her life until the new Cole Masten movie starts shooting in her hometown. When Summer befriends the movie’s location scout she thrusts herself into the middle of all the excitement.

Cole Masten is the Hollywood’s most famous heart-throb. After finding his supermodel wife in the throes of an affair, his legal team impresses upon him that an escape to the small town perfect tactic to keep him out of trouble. His latest project is just the ticket to keep his mind busy and give his heart time to heal.

Hollywood Dirty is an enemy to lovers tale with the passion that can only be found in the south. Torre connects two characters that cannot be any different, the underachieving Summer with the fantastical Cole Masten (he’s so important people call him by both his names). Their connection starts more like a collision when egos and tempers collide leading to combustible sexual tension.


April’s Book Review:
For me the beginning of the story was a little slow to get started. I felt like Cole’s movie, The Fortune Bottle, was the driving force of the story. So I didn’t really feel like I was able to connect with the story until they started production on the movie. As soon as the characters went to work, the entire book opened up for me. That’s when I feel like I connected with the characters and really started to care about the story.

I do love Summer. She is a strong southern woman with a fiery personality. She is a woman who can stand up for herself and take care of herself without apology. That’s such a great example to set for the modern woman.

Cole is a refreshing break from the dominate alpha male archetype (don’t get me wrong I adore the alpha male trope). It’s a change because he is not just damaged, he is also vulnerable and although he can’t say the words out loud, he knows it and so do the people who know him. It’s nice to get to know a character that is self-aware and can identify his own vulnerabilities.

The town of Quincy is a character itself and character is fickle. Quincy is a town where pleasantries and manors are not signs of respect. The people of the town have a collective mentality that is not quick to forgive or forget. Outsiders need to be warned of their southern small town sensibilities at the border.

I love stories with pets. Who doesn’t love stories with pets? And a pet rooster…come’on. Cocky is an awesome pet. We learn so much about Cole through Cocky. 1. He kept the gift. 2. He named the rooster. 3. He was so worried about his care. 4. He wanted to buy Cocky a collar. I am not the type of girl to have a pet rooster. But, I gotta love a guy who loves his pet.

There was a section of the last chapter that didn’t sit so well with me. During her soliloquy about the trajectory of their relationship Summer waxes on about how she is now part of a whole. The reason I struggle with this is because Summer is endeared to me through her strength and her ability to be a strong woman on her own and in a relationship. Since it’s quite possible I could be projecting onto this fictional character (I do that, I know I do) I’m just going to skip right over that single paragraph. There’s plenty more of this story to love anyway.


Aracely’s Book Review:
The first few chapters was mostly background on the character and I didn’t feel connected with them at first. It wasn’t until Summer and Cole came together and started to interact that the story started to groove for me. Then when they started to film the movie that’s when I really started to connect with both Summer and Cole.

Then there is Cocky. I love how hard Cole tried to do what is best for him. By the way he treats Cocky we see a glimpse of the type of man he really is underneath the outer armor that he wears.

Summer is a strong southern woman who has dreams and is her own person. She doesn’t let the past keep her down. She wants better and in the end she gets that. She always kept true to herself and that is what Cole is drawn to and in the end falls in love with.

Cole needed to be kick down a few pegs to see what truly matters in live. Summer was the perfect person to do that. Money and fame will come and go but love, that is something that could move mountain and makes us a better person.

I can’t wait for the movie, to see these characters that I have fallen in love with on the big screen.


Kristen’s Book Review:
This book consumed me!

A friend of mine and I read this together, and not to be out done or miss out, we constantly played catch up with the other.

I LOVED our heroine’s fast wit. To be honest, it took me by surprise. When we get to Quincy, GA I can completely imagine the open light small home, the quaint front porch, and the southern spit fire standing at the door.

Cole, is used to shmoozing the rich, indulging in the high life and flirting with fame. He was not prepared for the lukewarm welcome he got in the close knit town. He was not ready for the cold shoulder from his co-star. And he was not ready to get… Cocky. 😉

Once this duo got on screen, their real flame came out. The slow burn was enough to set the film reel on fire. But no one knows that they weren’t acting. You MUST read this book.

Oh, you already read it? What did you think of our Mr. Brad Deluca? Did you know you can catch up to this mysterious man in Blindfolded Innocence?

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Guest review contributed by Reading After Dark. Reading After Dark is a book blog featuring stories about the messy interactions of the human condition, books that are best read after dark.


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