The Right Kind of Rogue – Book Review

the right kind of rogue



What’s a wallflower to do? Meg Timmons hasn’t had a new gown since the beginning of her first Season, and with her spendthrift father deep in debt, she isn’t likely to get one this season either. Her chances for marriage diminishing by the day, she falls into utter despair when her best friend Sarah lets drop the fact that Sarah’s older brother Hart plans to select a bride.

Hart Highgate needs a bride to satisfy his demanding father; preferably a wealthy, compliant, beautiful one who will provide the required heir sooner rather than later. Meg Timmons, impoverished daughter of his father’s enemy, is the last girl he should be considering as a potential marriage prospect.

Enter an interfering duchess who fancies herself a matchmaker, and suddenly Meg is transformed from the dowdy girl on the outskirts of the ballroom to a diamond of the Ton. Hart can’t possibly marry her, but he can’t take his eyes off her either.

Meg’s plight becomes urgent when her father’s debtors become insistent. She has just weeks to secure a marriage proposal from someone – anyone – before her family must flee to the Continent. The problem is, the only man she’s ever even considered is Hart, and he doesn’t seem to have marriage in mind.

This is an absolute delight of a book; I was rooting for Meg to get her happily ever after from the very beginning. Hart was an absolute darling who never even suggested she was being overly dramatic; after a bad experience with a fortune-hunter in the past he didn’t exactly take the duchess’ meddling well, but he also got over himself and did a fabulous grovel to Meg once he’d realized the error of his ways.

The Right Kind Of Rogue is the kind of Cinderella story where the prince suddenly realizes what he wants has been right under his nose all along. I couldn’t stop smiling for ages after I finished reading it. Five stars.

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Guest review contributed by Caitlyn LynchWant an honest reviewer? You’ve got it. Caitlyn tells it like it is in her book reviews.


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