Throwback Thursday: The Light in Summer – Book Review

a light in summer


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mary McNear brings you home to Butternut Lake and a novel filled with irresistible characters who you will want to call your friends.

It’s summertime on Butternut Lake, where the heat of noon is soothed by the cool breezes of the evening, where the pace grows slower, and sometimes, just sometimes, the summer light makes everything clearer…

For the lovely Billy Harper, Butternut Lake is the place she feels most at home, even though lately she feels the only one listening to her is Murphy…her faithful Labrador Retriever. Her teenage son, Luke, has gone from precious to precocious practically overnight. Her friends are wrapped up in their own lives, and Luke’s father, Wesley, disappeared before his son was even born. No wonder she prefers to spend time with a good book, especially ones where everything ends in perfection.

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Snowbound With An Heiress – Book Review

snowbound with an heiress


The title of this book is a little bit misleading, but possibly Snowbound With A Star was already taken.  Serena Winston is a major movie star taking time out at a secret hideaway in the Austrian Alps to deal with the aftermath of a bad break-up. It’s just her bad luck that the stranger she rescues after a car crash happens to be Jackson Bennett, host of a major morning television show.

Jackson doesn’t recognize Serena out of her movie makeup and costumes, but he knows the shy beauty is hiding something. He displays some fairly decent behaviour in making a conscious choice not to dig for it, though when he accidentally uncovers her true identity he does have a few moments of being very self-centred and making it All About Him where I wanted to roll my eyes. To his credit, he gets over himself pretty quickly and understands why Serena chose not to enlighten him.

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