The Governess Who Captured His Heart – Book Review

governess who captured his heart


Temptations or Priorities…?

Determined to help her oldest sister make ends meet, Louise Potter accepts a governess position in the northern part of England. If this means accompanying an older gentleman on his travels, then she will. There’s only one problem: Louise is about to discover that her travelling companion is not the elderly man she expected, but rather seduction itself…

Alistair Langley has no desire to share his carriage with his niece’s newly hired employee. But the matron he expected to find at his door is instead a beautiful young woman, one he knows he can’t travel alone with. After all, he’s going to visit his brother who is pressuring him to marry and produce a Langley heir—or be cut off from inheritance. When he confides in Louise, together they form a plan. But the closer they become, the more temptation beckons…

Until finally a choice must be made: Love or money? Or is it possible to have both?


My Review
* I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

I love that this one takes place mostly in the carriage. It’s very unique and different which I love. From the moment they met sparks were flying and knew it was going to be interesting. I loved the way they could talk to each other and the deal they made. His brother was different than I thought he would be in a good. The ending was perfect.

Louise is not your typical miss thanks to her mother and life. I loved her when she spoke her mind and when she told her story. She didn’t sugar coat anything and still had her dreams that she deserved.

Alistair is the perfect gentleman even though he speaks his not so gentlemanly thoughts. I loved his story and the way he was with everyone. He wanted to take care of himself and not rely on others.

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Guest review contributed by The Sassy Book Lover. This blogger is a sassy, book-loving southern belle. She posts reviews mainly but also about her own writing journey and encourages readers to be modern-day bluestockings.

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