Free Ride – Book Review

free ride



by M.N. Forgy

I’m crazy, deranged, and psychotic. I’m out of my mind and my life isn’t even mine half the time. Having Dissociative Identity Disorder, it’s an accurate assumption.

Born an MC brat, my only dream is to wear the colors of my father’s club, The Shadow Keepers. To feel the weight of the warm leather press across my back, and to be a part of something with purpose.

It wasn’t until the last drop of blood dripped from my fingertips and the gun smoke faded into the night sky that I realized what was really important to me.


In a blink of an eye, I lost it all. I lost him.

There’s no such thing as a Free Ride in life, and our story is an example of that.



Harley didn’t have the best home life growing up as a kid. It was so bad she developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her father finally came and took her away from that life when he heard from a neighbor that she hadn’t been eating enough. He took her home with him to the Shadow Keepers Motorcycle Club house where she because the club princess.

Benji’s father was in the Shadow Keepers Motorcycle Club. He and Harley grew up playing in the clubhouse building bikes out of junk parts. The entire time he’s been in love with Harley. He’s taken it as his job to look out for her when she gets herself into trouble, even though she says she can’t be with him.

Harley wants to be a part of the Shadow Keepers Motorcycle Club, like an actual member. But, it’s against the rules. So, she devises a plan and sets out to prove herself. One thing she forgets in her plan is her medication. The craziness is elevated when her alternate personality Farrah comes to light. Farrah is Harley’s opposite in every way. She even craves a kind of attention that is against Harley’s wishes. Can Benji save Harley and Farrah before she does something that can’t be undone in this psychological romantic suspense?


April’s Book Review:
Forgy has created some great characters. I love the the dichotomy of the split personalities, it’s almost another character. It could almost be a love triangle. Benji is so strong and manly, but he loves his Harley so much. He would be willing to do anything for her.

Once I read this book and I looked at the front cover again. I think this might be the most fitting cover for this beautiful story. I’m not sure I’ve seen a cover as fitting as this one.


Aracely’s Review:
Free Ride by M.N Forgy is about Benji who since the first time he meet Harley all he wants to do is protect and love her, and that what he does. They grew up together and have love each since they were kids yet because of Harley having Dissociative Identity Disorder she pushed his love away. Though we can see the deep running love they have for each other it takes one single breaking point to want to risk it all for the one you love.

Benji is protective of Harley and loves every part of her. He is torn between his club and her love. He wants to find a way to keep both.

Even though Harley loves Benji she doesn’t seem it fair to tell him how she truly feels because she thinks no one will love her because she feels so broken. She loves Benji because he has always been there for her but doesn’t want him to see her a burden.

Things aren’t alway what they seem. Dissociative Identity Disorder is rare but as humans we sometimes don’t see what is right in front of us because we want to protect ourselves from the truth.


Why did we choose this book:
You might be surprised to know that we like our books just a little bit dark…here at Reading After Dark. What could be more dark and twisty than a motorcycle club princess with split personalities? Ah…one-click.

Who should read this book:
If you like things a little dark and a little twisted, you should totally read this book. With more personalities there is more emotion, and more hot and steamy sex.

An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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Guest review contributed by Reading After Dark. Reading After Dark is a book blog featuring stories about the messy interactions of the human condition, books that are best read after dark.


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