The Three-Week Arrangement – Book Review

The Three-Week Arrangement


My thoughts: 3.5 “Great inner conflict” STARS ARC via Netgalley Thank you, Entangled!!

Well, let’s start by giving praise where praise is due, which in this case means high stakes. Talk about major inner conflicts.

Ethan Chase’s major inner conflict.

Let’s be honest here… This was the typical third-person dual-POV romance, but Ethan was the main character. He had a richer back story, and he was the one with the biggest decision to make. Solidifying his status as main character was the number of chapters dedicated to his perspective in comparison to Rue’s.

Ethan Chase was a man still mourning the loss of his wife three years after the fact. He wasn’t ready to let go yet. He wasn’t ready to move on. That showed me (as well as it did Rue) that Ethan was a man who loved with everything he had. It made loving him much easier and harder.

It was especially hard for Rue, a woman who was definitely not looking for love. Rue is the definition of free spirit. She wanted to conquer the world and she was ready to leave NYC as soon as she heard back from the photography internship that would take her far away from everything she knew, but toward everything she loved.

But Rue meets Ethan. Ethan meets Rue. And the life they didn’t think they wanted turns into everything they need.

I can’t say I fell madly in love with Rue, but I did like her a lot. How could I not? A free spirit like hers was bound to catch people’s attention. Rue lived life the way I wish I could; the way most people should. She truly lived it. And fewer things are more attractive than that.

Ethan, on the other hand, was barely alive, but I still felt a stronger connection with him. Again, maybe it was due to the amount of time we spent inside his head (as inside as third person allows). Maybe it was because I could see where he was coming from and where he was probably going to, something we didn’t have with Rue. She already knew what she wanted, and that was everything. Ethan, included.

There was a bit of insta-lust there, I have to say. From the moment Rue set her eyes on Ethan, she wanted to jump his bones. Look, I get it. Sometimes we just meet a person we’re instantly attracted to and we want to get down and dirty. Being a normal person, you act accordingly and keep your fantasies in check. Although Rue was as far from “normal” as I could imagine (my friends and family don’t usually go around punching sharks and jumping from airplanes), she didn’t attack Ethan. She made him her ally.

Together, Ethan and Rue had their family and friends fooled. To keep her mom off her back and to keep his family happy, they pretended to be a couple (one of my favorite romance tropes–and the reason I requested this book). What I liked about it was that Rue and Ethan acted as a couple even when they weren’t being watched.

They visited animal shelters together, he adopted a rescue dog she loved, they ordered take-out. They had sex. That’s not a spoiler. If you’re reading this, you’re hoping for some sexy times. I know it. You know it. No need to pretend.

You know who else wasn’t pretending? Ethan. Dude was falling madly in love with Rue while realizing perhaps she was too much to hold on to. How could he keep someone like her from living the life she wanted? How could he let her go when he wanted to live his life with her?

So, you see his drama now. But you won’t figure out how he gets out of this mess unless you read the book. I’d advise you to go do that soon because for a romance with a common trope, this one has stakes that will keep you turning pages.

You can find The Three-Week Arrangement here.



Guest review contributed by U.S. – Brazil Book Review. As a book review diplomat of sorts, this blogger reviews books in English and Portuguese. If there’s romance in the book, she’s probably loving it.

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