All in Pieces – Book Review



All in Pieces by Suzanne Young

Suzanne Young is one of those authors that I will read pretty much any books she writes – she has a way to create amazing stories that not only pull you and make you forget everything else going on around you, but she has a way with writing characters that are deep and easy to connect to.

That was the reason that I fell in love with Hotel Ruby from the very first page, and that’s the reason I fell in love with All in Pieces.  When this showed up in my mailbox (thank you, Simon & Schuster!), I was beyond thrilled and pretty much dropped everything to read it.

All in Pieces is a young adult contemporary masterpiece.  It’s so full
of heart and feelings that you’ll be convinced that there’s simply no
way that this is only a story.  In fact, All in Pieces is the kind of
young adult novel that the world needs.

This book does have drug use in it, and since that can be a trigger
warning for some, I just wanted to make sure that I mention this
before continuing.  It also has abuse and sexual assault in the later
parts of the book, so I would recommend caution if it is a problem.

This book was such a powerful, emotional read that I honestly spent
days just thinking about it after I had finished it (which, by the
way, was pretty much the same day I started it, it was so good).  I
really felt like I could relate to Savannah, and I have to say, as a
parent who has taken care of a special needs child, I can’t imagine
being a teenager and being in her shoes.  It’s the kind of book that
everyone needs to read – it will not only take you through a very
accurate day with a special needs child, but it will also show you
what kind of effect those rough days can have on the caregiver.

This is probably one of my favorite books of this year, as you can
probably tell by the rare 5 star rating that I gave this one.  I don’t
remember the last time I felt so many emotions over the course of a
single book.  I have a feeling I’ll be reading this one again, and
very soon!




Guest review contributed by Here’s to Happy Endings. Kelly focuses on young adult book reviews, with author interviews, giveaways, and memes such as Waiting on Wednesdays, as well as participating in blog tours.  She enjoys working with authors to promote books!

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